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    Acrylic Modified Polysiloxane Finish
    Interfine 5703
    A high performance, one pack, high gloss, low VOC acrylic modified polysiloxane finish providing excellent colour and gloss retention. Interfine 5703 significantly improves upon the gloss and color retention exhibited by typicalone pack finishes.
    Silicone Aluminium
    Intertherm 50
    A one pack, aluminium pigmented silicone resin coating
    Formula 150 Primer (MIL-DTL-24441Type IV)
    A two pack epoxy primer with low VOC, good corrosion resistance, good long-term weathering protection and fast drying.
    Cosmetic Finish
    Intercare 123
    A one pack, unique, patented semi-gloss cosmetic coating that allows easy cleaning, reduces frequency of touch-up maintenance and minimises rust staining. Intercare 123 highlights corroded areas requiring repair and also reduces the volume of paint used on high maintenance areas.
    Zinc Phosphate Primer
    Interprime 538
    A one pack alkyd primer containing zinc phosphate anticorrosive pigment.
    Silicone Alkyd Finish
    Interlac 2V
    A one pack, high solids, semi-gloss silicone alkyd finish with low solar absorption (LSA) pigmentation. Provides superior performance and lower heat absorption in comparison to unmodified alkyd finishes. Excellent color and gloss retention. Easy to apply and recoat. Low VOC.
    Chlorinated Alkyd
    Interlac 537V
    A chlorinated alkyd based non-flaming interior enamel. NAVSEA approved.
    Silicone Alkyd Finish
    Interlac 800
    A one pack, high solids, low VOC, gloss silicone alkyd with excellent color and gloss retention.
    Epoxy Sealer Coat
    Interbond 600
    A two pack, surface tolerant, solvent free, clear epoxy sealer.
    Epoxy Universal Primer
    Intergard 5101
    Intergard 5101 is an epoxy universal primer for use in ballast tanks, outer hulls, cofferdams,void spaces decks, cargo holds and crude oil tanks. Suitable for use with controlled cathodicprotection
    Epoxy Anticorrosive
    Intertuf 262
    Intertuf 262 is an versatile surface tolerant epoxy primer. With good resistance to water and some chemicals, Intertuf 262 is suitable for most vessel areas.
    Intergard 361
    A two pack epoxy universal primer, which can be overcoated various finish coats such as polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd finishes after extended periods without tie coat.
    Formula 152 Topcoat (MIL-DTL-24441 Type IV)
    A two pack epoxy finish. Exhibits excellent abrasion, chemical and solvent resistance.
    Epoxy Tie Coat
    Intergard 5263
    Intergard 5263 is an epoxy tie coat which maximises adhesion of anti-fouling coatings to existing coatings. Designed for low temperature use. Suitable for use in new construction and maintenance, Intergard 5263 is highly versitile and is compatible with a wide range of new and aged coatings.
    Epoxy Primer
    Intershield One-2-One - Red
    RED EPOXY PRIMER A surface tolerant universal pure epoxy primer for use as an anticorrosive touch up coating providing excellent corrosion protection and low temperature capability. Designed as a crew friendly onboard maintenance two pack universal primer (<340 g/l) specifically engineered to equal mix ratio offering simplified mixing and reduced wastage.
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