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    Epoxy Tie Coat
    Intergard 263
    Intergard 263 is an epoxy tie coat which maximises adhesion of anti-fouling coatings to existing coatings. Suitable for use in new construction and maintenance, Intergard 263 is highly versatile and is compatible with a wide range of new and aged coatings.
    Zinc Phosphate Primer
    Interprime 226
    A one pack, high build, epoxy ester primer containing zinc phosphate anticorrosive pigment.
    Zinc Phosphate Primer
    Interprime 128
    A one pack alkyd primer containing anticorrosive pigment.
    Epoxy Primer/Finish
    Interbond 201 - Low Temperature
    LOW TEMPERATURE. A hard wearing, surface tolerant, two pack epoxy primer/finish offering corrosion protection in one coat. A temperate version of Interbond 201 is also available for use above 5°C
    Epoxy Primer
    Interseal 670HS - Low Temperature - North, South and East Europe
    A low VOC, two component high build, high solids surface tolerant epoxy maintenance coating.
    Intergard 264
    A two pack, self priming, surface tolerant epoxy with low semi-gloss finish.  Exhibits excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.  A low temperature cure version is available.  Low VOC.
    Epoxy Primer/ Tie Coat
    Intergard 269
    A quick drying two pack epoxy holding primer / tie coat which is suitable for overcoating after extended periods of weathering.
    Alkyd Undercoat
    Interlac 659
    A one pack, alkyd based, fire retardant undercoat.
    Intertuf 16
    A one pack, high build bituminous coating
    Intertuf 26
    A one pack bituminous coating, specifically formulated to give economic protection of internal steel surfaces.  Intertuf 26 is resistant to acids, alkalis and sea water and can be applied at low temperature.
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