The highest performing antifouling product within the International range is Intercept 8500 LPP, delivering 1.3% speed loss over the docking cycle. It delivers consistent and effective antifouling performance for a clean foul-free hull through innovative and patented Lubyon technology combined with a silyl methacrylate self-polishing copolymer and optimized biocide package. Intercept 8500 LPP provides greater fuel efficiency backed up by competitive static guarantees and cost benefits over the full docking cycle with predictable performance. Providing a greater long-term investment compared to other Self-Polishing Copolymer (SPC) antifouling coatings operating in the harshest of fouling challenges.


Volume Solids
VOC content (EPA method)
378 g/lt
Product technology
TBT Free, Low Friction, Linear Polishing Polymer