But involvement doesn’t just end there; AkzoNobel’s International brand is the official coatings supplier to the event.

To celebrate the announcement of AkzoNobel’s involvement in the Volvo Ocean Race and the affiliation of the International brand, The Scheveningen Pier, which is close to where the race will end in mid-2018, was given a makeover, fitting for such an iconic Dutch landmark, using protective coatings from AkzoNobel’s International range.

The Scheveningen Pier’s 50 pillars were given a new lease of life with the use of bright color. Coated with a system of Interseal 670HS and Interthane 990SG, the columns are now fully protected from the harsh elements, with the addition of a splash of essential color. As well as brightening the backdrop for the event and making the pier itself more distinctive, our coatings will continue to provide essential protection against the tides and the elements for many years to come.

AkzoNobel is providing essential protection throughout the Volvo Ocean Race. With the Team AkzoNobel boat coated with International and Awlgrip coatings.

The Volvo Ocean Race organization shipping containers transporting cargo around the world during the race also benefit from International protective coatings. Interthane 990 and Interplus 356, known for their durability and reliability in aggressive environments, were used to protect the containers.

The same coating system was used for the shipping containers that Team AkzoNobel will use to transport their kit around during the race. In addition, the goods containers carrying the paint supplies and mixing racks supporting the Volvo Ocean Race Boatyard in Lisbon where the competing boats are being serviced and prepared for their round-the-world adventure are also coated.