Web-based system using Automatic Identification System (AIS) data to track vessel movement.  AIS data for 70,000 vessels since 2009.

Intertrac® Vision - Predicting the future

Shipping industry’s first enhanced consultancy tool providing ship operators with prediction on fuel and CO2 saving potential of fouling control coating. Download ‘Lite’ version on the App Store here.  

Highly trained Intertrac®Vision consultants can advise Owners on multiple coating and application scenarios to allow informed decisions about the maintenance and future profitability of their assets.  The predictions are bespoke to specific vessels and are entirely dependent on vessel type, trading route, speed and activity. The software is designed to be informative and transparent. There are built-in opportunities to offer full explanations of what the tool is using and why. Transparency is the key to instilling confidence in the science behind the tool.

  • Transparency and choice for product selection
  • All fouling control technologies and application scenarios covered
  • Individual vessel parameters and detailed explanations throughout
  • In-built schemes and scheme cost calculator
  • Return on investment calculation per year
  • Carbon credits calculation option

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Intertrac® OBM - Making seastores more efficient

Intertrac® OBM is an online tool which records, visualizes and analyzes Seastores purchasing patterns by vessel and fleet.

  • Insights into possible ways to streamline buying behavior of each individual vessel with quantifiable results
  • Greater transparency and control over OBM paint consumption
  • Real time access to purchasing data and to tracking progress
  • Compare sister vessels within the fleet and benchmark against one another
  • Streamline purchasing administration

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International Marine Coatings app - Information at your fingertips


  • Access technical datasheets, product brochures and much more
  • Get latest news and articles on marine coatings
  • Find AkzoNobel contacts across the world

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