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    Silicone Alkyd Finish
    Interlac 846
    An air drying, silicone alkyd cosmetic finish with excellent durability. Available in a range of gloss levels and colour shades for specific Military requirements.
    Formula 154 Topcoat (MIL-DTL-24441)
    A two pack epoxy finish. Exhibits excellent abrasion, chemical and solvent resistance.
    LSA Waterborne Acrylic Non-Skid Deck Finish
    Intercryl 588
    A one pack LSA waterborne non-skid deck finish with low odor based on weather resistant acrylic copolymer technology. Medium profile. NAVSEA approved.
    Polyurethane Finish
    Interthane 990S
    A two pack, acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.
    Acrylic Finish
    Intercryl 853
    A heavy duty water borne acrylic coating with excellent weather resistance and outstanding gloss and colour retention over extended periods.
    Alkyd Finish
    Interlac 660
    A one pack, alkyd based, gloss finish that provides low surface spread of flame when used as part of an approved scheme, without detriment to cosmetic appearance.
    Interlac 786
    A one pack semi-gloss alkyd finish/primer. Suitable for use on internal dry areas only.
    Alkyd Finish
    Interlac 668
    A one pack, alkyd based, high visibility coating.
    Alkyd Varnish
    Interlac 678
    A one pack alkyd varnish with high gloss and good durability.
    Silicone Alkyd Finish
    Interlac 2
    A one pack, high solids, semi-gloss silicone alkyd finish with low solar absorption (LSA) pigmentation. Provides superior performance and lower heat absorption in comparison to unmodified alkyd finishes. Excellent color and gloss retention. Easy to apply and recoat. Low VOC.
    Conventional Non Slip
    Interlac 843
    A non-slip deck coating to specification DEF STAN 80-73.
    Low VOC Polyurethane Finish
    Interthane 990HS
    A two pack, low VOC polyurethane finish. Outstanding resistance to severe weathering. High gloss. Good abrasion, chemical and solvent resistance.
    Polyurethane Finish
    Interthane 990
    Interthane 990 is a two component, high gloss, aliphatic acrylic polyurethane cosmetic finish. Capable of drying to low temperatures Interthane 990 provides excellent durability and can be applied by spray, brush and roller. With a global track record stretching over 20 years, Interthane 990 is a trusted solution for above water areas such as topsides, external superstructure, external decks and boottops for newbuilding, maintenance & repair or on board maintenance projects. Interthane 990 delivers extended re-coat windows, long term protection and retention of aesthetics and is available in a wide range of colours from the Chromascan tinting system.
    Polysiloxane Finish
    Interfine 5897
    A patented high performance, high volume solids content acrylic polysilozane cosmetic finish with low solar absorption (LSA) pigmentation providing excellent long term durability. Interfine 5897 will provide superior gloss and colour retention on exterior exposue compared to typical marine polyurethane finishes
    Alkyd Finish
    Interlac 542
    A one pack, high build, alkyd gloss finish which can be easily maintained.
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