Providing powerful insights which inform your decision making

Providing powerful insights which inform your decision making

Our digital Intertrac tool was the first tool of its kind in the market and is designed to allow vessel operations to be visualised on a web-based platform. This enables you to build a full understanding of the unique nature of vessel and fleet operations in connection with the fouling challenge experienced along the way. At the heart of the tool is an extensive database that comprises of:

  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) data spanning back to 2009, which contains key information such as GPS location, vessel speed over ground and draught conditions

  • Environmental data, for example, sea water temperature, salinity, chlorophyll levels and nutrient levels which help to determine the fouling challenge associated with vessel position

  • Unique machine learning AI algorithms that interrogate big data and deliver unique insights


When our team deliver your intertrac report, they also provide key insights alongside this, enabling you to assess:

  • Current and past coating specifications and performance levels observed in-line with vessel operations

  • Operational metrics such as vessel speed, activity levels, static/idle periods and calculated sea miles per month

  • Operational profile or trading pattern of the vessel so that  similar vessels can be grouped and reviewed collectively

  • The fouling challenge, or relative hazard of fouling associated with the vessel operation

For a free Intertrac consultation, please contact your account manager, or use our contact us page. The latest version of Intertrac is also available for download here.

AkzoNobel owns intellectual property and has patents and patents pending associated with the use and application of Intertrac to specify and select its coating products.

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