Dedicated to operational excellence with a focus on vessel speed and efficiency, the 160-yearold company wanted to use the best foul-release technology available for their three catamarans. After comparing various in-service performance results it selected Intersleek 900 and in April, May and July 2007 the vessels ‘FastCat Ryde’, ‘Our Lady Pamela’ and ‘FastCat Shanklin’ were respectively drydocked. The vertical sides of all three vessels were coated with Intersleek 900. The product has since provided exceptional cost benefits to the owner, including improved fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emissions and a reduced requirement for slipping. Wightlink has not taken any of the vessels out of service for cleaning since the application of Intersleek 900. Prior to this the vessels needed slipping every two months. 

Mr. Mark Parsons, Wightlink Technical Superintendent said, “In conjunction with major engine overhauls on the FastCats ‘Ryde’ and ‘Shanklin’, we have kept a close watch on the performance effect of Intersleek 900 and have identified a significant improvement in vessel efficiency. The Fastcats now run at a reduced engine rpm complemented by associated fuel savings”. 

With over 250 vessels coated, Intersleek 900 represents the very latest advances in foulrelease technology offering excellent performance benefits. The unprecedented reductions in Average Hull Roughness, combined with superior foul-release capabilities and improved resistance to mechanical damage, means that all vessels operating above 10 knots can now benefit from foul-release technology.