Today, in accordance with our policy of sustainable product development for performance and environmental benefit, we are proud to introduce the next generation of foul release technology, Intersleek® 900.

Setting even higher performance standards with improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, Intersleek® 900 is a unique patented fluoropolymer foul release coating which represents the very latest advances in fouling control technology, significantly improving upon the performance of the best silicone based system Intersleek® 700.

Intersleek® 900 is exceptionally smooth with unprecedented low levels of average hull roughness, has excellent foul release capabilities and good resistance to mechanical damage. For the very first time all vessels above 10 knots, including scheduled ships, tankers, bulkers, general cargo ships and feeder containers can now benefit from foul release technology.

This has been achieved through major steps forward in key areas. Compared to the Intersleek® 700 silicone based system, Intersleek® 900 is 25% smoother and provides 38% better coefficient of friction; has up to 80% better static fouling resistance; 40% better foul release properties; 50% reduction in slime; 100% better hold up; 35% higher gloss; 60% reduction in overspray and 60% better abrasion resistance.

In terms of fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, Intersleek® 900 offers predicted savings* of 2% in comparison to Intersleek 700 and 6% in comparison to SPC antifoulings. The potential exists for even greater savings in comparison to controlled depletion antifoulings.

For a single VLCC currently coated with an SPC antifouling this could mean savings of over 4,500 tons of fuel, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of over 14,000 tons and US $1.2 million over a five year period.

The absence of biocides brings cost advantages at the next drydocking on treatment and disposal costs of wash water and blasting abrasive. Durable and flexible with good resistance to mechanical damage means options on drydocking schedule and control of hull roughness. Excellent colour retention improves vessel appearance and good ‘hold-up’ with reduced overspray removes the need for double application and reduces yard rework and clean up. Conversion costs to the Intersleek® 900 system from approved SPC antifoulings can be controlled via the use of an especially designed linkcoat.

*Depending on application and in service conditions.