Cargo holds, as well as being the revenue earning spaces of bulk carriers, are also the areas subject to the severest of operating environments. Without excellent coating protection, the structural integrity of holds can be compromised, jeopardising continuing vessel profitability and safe operation 

Growing exports of hard cargoes such as coal and iron ore have increased the potential for significant coating damage to occur during loading. This is particularly prevalent from the loading of coal by high speed belt conveyor systems, leading to the phenomenon of ‘shooting’ damage in cargo holds. This may occur when loaders project coal at right angles to the bulkhead. The impact can fracture and detach coatings over a short period, leading to loss of steel protection and subsequent corrosion. Often these areas of damage are high on the bulkhead and are therefore difficult to repair in service. 

Once suffering this form of impact damage, owners and operators are faced with more frequent repair, increased costs and potential downtime of their vessels. 

Mr. Rob Taylor, Market Manager Bulk Carriers, International Paint said, “Shooting’ impact damage is a serious threat to the longevity of a cargo hold coating and recognising this, we have developed a product to exactly meet this market need”. 

“New Intershield 803Plus has excellent impact resistance, offering the very best in protection against ‘shooting’ damage. It also provides superb general abrasion resistance, good corrosion protection, VOC compliance with 75% volume solids, fast drying times and all year round workability. The product has a smooth surface for easy cleaning, is certified for the carriage of grain and is FDA compliant”. 

The product has been designed using a new test method which is able to replicate the in service damage experienced in coal and iron ore carriers. Test results show that Intershield®803Plus has consistently outperformed other premium cargo hold coatings. 

Mr. Rob Taylor said, “We regard Intershield®803Plus as our toughest ever cargo hold coating which we believe will provide the ultimate defence against cargo hold damage”.