Intercept®, a family of patented antifouling coatings, provides a consistent & predictable linear polishing performance.

An antifouling featuring patented Lubyon® technology that delivers predictable long term performance.

Reduced drag. Reduced fuel. Reduced emissions*.

Intercept® Linear Polishing Polymer

Intercept®, a family of patented antifouling coatings, providing consistent, predictable linear polishing performance.

How did we achieve this?

Intercept products feature unique patented Lubyon® polymer technology which replicated the linear polishing behavior of the shipping industry benchmark tributyltin based antifoulings, but without the environmental concerns of TBT antifoulings. Specifically designed for the deep sea market, they enable ship owners and operators to plan and budget effectively throughout the docking cycle, for in-service periods of up to 90 months.

What is Lubyon® Polymer Technology?

The Lubyon polymer is 'superhyrdophilic', meaning it is water loving. This creates a lubricating effect at the coating surface, resulting in a low friction, very smooth and slippery surface on immersion, which is then maintained throughout the lifetime of the coating. With surface friction reduced, it results in less drag with subsequent reduced fuel and *emissions savings, compared to other antifouling coatings.

Designed for the deep sea market at Newbuilding and maintenance and repair, the Intercept® range offers a suite of products designed to meet customers differing performance expectations.

Unique Lubyon technology reacts with seawater via a constant surface active zone, releasing the optimal amount of biocide constantly over the scheme life to prevent fouling settlement. This release rate is largely unaffected by seawater temperature.

Intercept® - Marketing leading technology

Intercept® highlights our mission to introduce differentiated, market leading technologies that drive operational, cost and environmental efficiencies for our customers. Intercept® has taken over 10 years to perfect and its development is a result of our continued investment in innovation.

"Through the combined expertise of our research scientists, hydrodynamicists and marine biologists, we believe this pioneering technology will revolutionize fouling control."

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Lubyon® technology

Intercept® highlights our mission to introduce differentiated, market leading technologies that drive operational, cost and environmental efficiencies for our customers. With patented Lubyon technology, the polishing rate remains constant throughout the full scheme life.

Intercept® 8500 LPP

  • A clean, foul free hull
  • Linear Polishing
  • Minimised leached layer
  • Constant/sustained biocide release rate
  • In-service periods of up to 90 months

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*Fuel and emission savings are dependent upon product comparison and many other factors, a bespoke forecast can be developed from Intertrac Vision (CDP)

Intercept® 7000

  • A mid range antifouling but with the added benefit of linear polishing
  • Established a substantial track record of 1,300 vessel applications (as of Nov 2017)
  • In-service periods of up to 60 months

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