Intersleek and Carbon Credits featured

Intersleek and Carbon Credits featured

AkzoNobel’s Intersleek and Carbon Credits methodology feature in the UK Chamber of Shipping’s ‘A Maritime Nation’

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

AkzoNobel’s Intersleek® marine coatings and its carbon credits methodology are to feature in a new indepth news programme A Maritime Nation. Commissioned by the UK Chamber of Shipping and produced by ITN Productions, A Maritime Nation is an online news programme that will investigate the global issues facing the shipping industry, the UK’s heritage and standing, as well as the innovations and technology shaping the future of shipping.

Launched at the Chamber of Shipping’s headquarters in London on the 3rd September, the programme was unveiled as a precursor to London International Shipping Week (7th – 11th September 2015). In a section of the film featured under the programme’s ‘sustainability’ sub theme, AkzoNobel’s marine coatings brand International® was invited to detail the benefits of Intersleek® technology and the carbon credits methodology.

The programme includes interviews with Trevor Solomon, Intersleek® Business Manager and Dr. Victoria Frank, Intersleek® Technical Manager, as well as perspectives from leading academic Professor Mehmet Atlar, professor of ship hydrodynamics at Newcastle University, and Guillermo Alomar, managing fleet director of Baleària, Spain’s leading ferry company and a recent recruit to carbon credits having benefited from fuel savings of 12%.

A Maritime Nation offers a unique and highly visual representation of the tangible success of our carbon credits methodology,” Solomon said. “Through a combination of the programme and the imminent issue of the first carbon credits from The Gold Standard Foundation, we are sending a powerful message to the shipping industry that owners and operators have embraced, and are seeing real commercial and environmental benefits from the scheme.”

The landmark award-winning, peer-reviewed methodology, developed in conjunction with The Gold Standard Foundation and the FReMCo Group, is the first of its kind and allows ships to generate carbon credits, thus income, for the CO2 emission reductions they achieve. It is based on ship owners converting existing vessels from a biocidal antifouling system to a premium, biocide-free advanced hull coating such as Intersleek®. The latest foul release coating in the range, Intersleek®1100SR, has recently surpassed 550 applications. This is testament to the proven performance of the product, as well as a demonstration of the changing mindset of ship owners and operators who are now prioritising eco efficient technology in order to increase profits, as well as improve their sustainability.

The launch of A Maritime Nation comes as The Gold Standard Foundation, the UN-approved certification body for AkzoNobel’s carbon credits methodology, prepares to issue the first carbon credits accrued through the scheme.

Marion Verles, CEO at The Gold Standard Foundation, said: “The forthcoming issue of the first round of carbon credits is a significant milestone for the marine industry, as well as for Gold Standard as we make an impact in sectors where emissions reductions matter most. In a traditionally conservative industry with tight margins, ship owners and operators need sound conviction of the credibility of new financial mechanisms before investing. The issue of the first carbon credits will demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of this scheme and hopefully accelerate uptake, thus supporting widespread adoption of more sustainable and eco efficient practices in the industry.”

A Maritime Nation will be shown during London International Shipping Week at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London and can be viewed now on the UK Chamber of Shipping website. Intersleek® and Carbon Credits are featured in the Sustainability section of the programme at 76.24.

The latest developments in the issuing of carbon credits will be detailed by Trevor Solomon and Sarah Leuger, Marketing and Communications Director at The Gold Standard Foundation, at Fathom’s Ship Efficiency: The Event, part of London International Shipping Week, today, Tuesday 8 September in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. 

STOP PRESS: We are pleased to announce that the carbon credit programme has completed the final stages prior to issuance of the first Intersleek Gold Standard Carbon Credits. Today, Tuesday 8th September, The Gold Standard Foundation formally registered the first project from the groundbreaking methodology. This major milestone means that all of the requirements have been met to prove that emission savings have been achieved using our Intersleek® technology sufficient for issuing carbon credits in accordance with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change protocols. We anticipate that over 130,000 Intersleek Gold Standard Carbon Credits will be issued during October 2015.

For further information on registration, please contact Trevor Solomon:

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