Interline 9001 with Navig8

Interline 9001 with Navig8

Interline 9001 application progresses on major chemical carrier Newbuildings with Navig8

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Leading ship owner Navig8, is progressing application of Interline®9001, an advanced cargo tank coating from AkzoNobel’s International® marine coating product range, on a series of 18 chemical tankers currently under construction at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, South Korea.

The coating upgrade is part of Navig8’s ambition to be the leading supplier of sophisticated large chemical tanker tonnage with maximum earning potential and minimum cost base. Navig8 selected Interline®9001 to deliver significant operational benefits for the 37,000 dwt vessels, providing increased vessel capacity and maximum operational flexibility required to meet increased market demand for large volume contract of affreightment. In addition to the coating upgrades at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, Navig8 has selected Interline®9001 for a further four 49,000 dwt vessels under construction at STX shipyard, also in South Korea.

Interline®9001 is a Bimodal Epoxy coating for the cargo tanks of chemical tankers. With enhanced cargo resistance, near zero absorption for many cargoes and fewer cycling restrictions, Interline®9001 simplifies the carriage of a wide range of liquid cargoes, optimizing vessel earning potential.

Interline®9001 can carry all of the cargoes standard epoxy phenolic technology can, plus a further 25% of the large volume cargoes that it cannot, and has over 60% fewer cycling restrictions. Its low cargo absorption profile reduces the risk of contamination between cargoes and combined with its smooth, glossy surface, can cut cleaning time and materials by up to 70% compared to standard epoxy phenolics or zinc silicates. With reduced cleaning requirements comes a corresponding reduction in fuel and CO2 emissions. In addition, a low volatile organic content (VOC) and 80% volume solids helps to enhance operator environmental profile.

Andy Hopkinson, Business Development Manager for the marine coatings business said: “We are delighted to be working so closely with Navig8 on this significant project which signals strongly the market need to adopt new technology and react to the ever tightening cleaning requirements and need for maximum earnings with minimum cost. Contract activity around Interline®9001 has risen significantly and Navig8’s commitment and confidence in the product will lead the way for many owners to reach the same conclusion. The benefits of the Bimodal Epoxy Technology certainly suit Navig8’s operational model where capacity optimization through reduced cleaning time and carriage flexibility combined with maximum protection for customer’s sophisticated cargoes is high on the agenda. Interline®9001 really is the only technology on the market which offers these benefits in combination with clear and concise operational guidance.”

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