Digital Voyage at Nor-Shipping

Digital Voyage at Nor-Shipping

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ship owners and operators at Nor-Shipping, a leading maritime event taking place in Oslo, are set to embark on AkzoNobel’s ‘Digital Voyage’. The company has launched a new customer experience aimed at bringing the company’s wealth of performance management expertise to the fingertips of its customers. Powered by Big Data, AkzoNobel’s suite of digital tools to provide owners and operators with instant access to the information they need to make smarter decisions, from efficiency monitoring to purchasing optimization. 

This integrated suite of digital tools includes Intertrac OBM (On Board Maintenance), the latest advancement to the Intertrac range will, help customers reduce costs by up to 20%. This online tool records, visualizes and analyzes Seastores purchasing patterns by vessel and fleet. Intertrac OBM provides greater transparency and control over OBM paint consumption as well as purchasing and has a number of features. These include streamlining purchasing to avoid small quantity orders and additional administration costs. It also identifies alternative ports with greater savings potential, and optimizes product choice to provide cost savings.

“The Digital Voyage encompasses all the ways in which we’re using technology to enhance coatings performance management and maintenance,” says Robert Wong, Marketing Director at AkzoNobel Marine Coatings. “Whether you want to see how you could save time and money on OBM purchasing, or make sure that your coatings are delivering the performance you expect, there is a digital solution to help you. Not only does the Digital Voyage improve the experience of those using our products, but in the bigger picture, it’s about increasing transparency throughout the industry, and giving owners and operators more control over their performance and efficiency management by making smarter decisions.”

In addition, AkzoNobel will also be previewing a new web based tool Intertrac Perform. Currently launched as a pilot initiative, this tool measures and monitors hull performance data and validates it against predictions made by Intertrac Vision, AkzoNobel’s landmark big data tool for coating performance prediction. Developed in partnership with University College London, this software builds on the capabilities of Intertrac, a tool which analyses the fouling challenges of different trading routes, and Intertrac Vision, launched in 2015, a big data tool which combines this data with hydrodynamic analysis to predict hull performance. With Intertrac Perform, the Intertrac range forms a complete digital solution for predicting, measuring and analysing coating performance, without the need for any expensive equipment to be installed.

Customers will also be able to download the recently launched International Marine Coatings App; an app that provides customers with increased convenience and flexibility in accessing the company’s wealth of coatings data. The International Marine Coatings app can be downloaded from the app store here.

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