AkzoNobel launches new shipping industry programme

AkzoNobel launches new shipping industry programme

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings Business, the supplier of International® coatings, has today announced the launch of a new shipping industry engagement programme to support the widespread and successful adoption of ISO 19030, the new global standard for hull and propeller performance measurement.

ISO 19030 Ships and Marine Technology - Measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance was finalised in 2016 following three years of development by a wide range of industry stakeholders including coating and propeller manufacturers, academics, ship owners and data analysts. It enables ship owners and operators to compare hull and propeller solutions, and select the most efficient option for their vessels and fleets. 

“ISO 19030 represents a key milestone in on-going work to enhance the accuracy and transparency of hull and propeller performance monitoring,” said Barry Kidd, ISO 19030 working group member for AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings Business. “However, as a voluntary standard, the success of ISO 19030 is dependent on ship owners and operators understanding and recognising its benefits and applying approved data analysis techniques on board vessels.” 

AkzoNobel’s engagement programme will involve simplifying the complexities of ISO 19030, explaining the principles and values of the standard, and clarifying the appetite for its take-up within the market.

“ISO 19030 has the potential to play a decisive role in strengthening relationships between ship owners and providers of energy saving solutions such as hull coating and propeller manufacturers, which will in turn enable the industry to work towards the adoption of the most sustainable and efficient technologies,” said Barry Kidd. “However there is no room for complacency if we want to secure the buy in of ship owners and operators into ISO 19030. It is up to businesses like AkzoNobel to work at the forefront with industry stakeholders to progress its widespread and successful adoption.” 

AkzoNobel played an influential role in the development of all parts of ISO 19030. In particular, AkzoNobel championed ISO 19030 Part 3, which is founded on a tiered system of potential methods for monitoring, included noon report data collection. The development of Part 3 ensures that the vast majority of ship owners (90%) can use and demonstrate compliance with the new standard; Part 2 can be used by an estimated 10% of the commercial fleet, as it is based on taking data from sophisticated on-board sensors and high frequency intervals.

ISO 19030 can be applied to measure the performance of all AkzoNobel’s fouling control coatings. In addition to measuring actual performance of hull coatings, AkzoNobel has integrated ISO 19030 into its big data hull performance prediction technology Intertrac Vision. This means hull coating performance predictions from Intertrac Vision, can be verified and validated against actual performance using a monitoring process that is ISO 19030 compliant.

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