The best of both worlds and an industry first

The best of both worlds and an industry first

International offers a choice of silyl and copper acrylate technologies

Thursday, January 26, 2012

International Paint have introduced Intersmooth®7465Si SPC and Interswift®6900Si silyl acrylate antifouling coatings.

Aiming to improve and enhance customer choice, International is the first and only global manufacturer to offer both copper acrylate and silyl acrylate antifouling coatings within a comprehensive range of fouling control technologies.

In 2006, International Paint successfully patented silyl acrylate technology for use with products of <400g/l VOC (volatile organic compounds). This technology is incorporated into Intersmooth®7465Si SPC and Interswift®6900Si and allows delivery of the same high levels of proven in-service performance as our current Intersmooth®7460/5HS SPC and Interswift®6800HS copper acrylate antifouling coatings.

Both new silyl products have solvent emission levels of less than 400g/l VOC. This means that they are some of the lowest silyl acrylate solvent emission levels in the industry.

Designed for deep sea vessels at newbuilding and maintenance and repair, Intersmooth®7465Si SPC features 55% volume solids. Compared to lower volume solids products, this results in shipyard benefits of faster application, reduced wastage and pail consumption and lower solvent emissions to the atmosphere. Reduced overspray leads to lower contamination levels in dock and reduced applicator exposure. For the vessel operator, the product delivers predictable, high performance fouling control for up to 90 months and its inherent self-smoothing action potentially reduces fuel use by 4%*, cutting operational costs, lowering carbon dioxide emissions and improving vessel operating image.

Interswift®6900Si incorporates patented silyl acrylate polymer technology. Also designed for vessels at newbuilding and maintenance and repair, the product offers 61% volume solids, surface tolerance and inservice periods of up to 60 months with potential fuel savings of 1.5%*.

Mr. Mike Hindmarsh, International Paint Business Development Manager said, “We recognise that our customers have different requirements and operational preferences, which is why we offer a broad choice of fouling control products and technologies in our high performance range. Customers simply choose which technology option best meets their needs and we deliver the performance”.

90 months applies to vessels covered by the extended drydocking (EDD) programme.

*Potential annual fuel savings when comparing the performance of Self Polishing Copolymer antifoulings with CDP or rosin based antifoulings over a 60 month in service period. Based on over 5,000 vessel drydockings and inspections for fouling rating combined with average hull roughness measurements from over 50 vessel outdockings.

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