Stunning performance from an industry legend

Stunning performance from an industry legend

International Paint Ltd. is proud to announce it has achieved full type approval and proven in service performance for the outstanding anticorrosive coating Intershield 300.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Intershield 300 was recently awarded the first Lloyd’s Register IMO PSPC Type Approval Certificate for Cargo Oil Tanks. Mr. Barry Robison, Worldwide Marine Market Manager, International Paint said, “Type approval in cargo oil tanks is a very important achievement for us. We recognise the importance of the IMO PSPC in extending the reliability and lifetime of cargo oil tanks in crude oil tankers and have been working hard to ensure our coating systems are compliant.

We’re particularly pleased that the first Lloyd’s Register Certificate has been awarded to our premium anticorrosive, Intershield®300 and are confident that with an existing, proven track record, this product will continue to provide very high levels of newbuilding productivity and in service performance”.

Series of firsts

Type approval certification for Intershield 300 is yet further affirmation of its corrosion prevention capabilities. The certification is just the latest in a series of ‘firsts’ for Intershield®300 which includes not only regulatory approvals but also proven 15 year in-service performance.

In 2008 Intershield 300 was the first anticorrosive coating to be awarded Lloyd’s Register type approval, under the IMO’s PSPC regulations for seawater ballast tanks.

In 2010 the high performance and durability of Intershield 300 was proven in service at the third special survey of the 73,222 dwt panamax bulk carrier Eleranta, when a Lloyd’s Register surveyor confirmed the double bottom tanks of the vessel to be in “good condition”. The 15-year-old bulk carrier, built at Samsung in 1995, had Intershield®300 applied to her ballast tanks when she was built.

In March 2012, impressive 15-year cargo oil tank protection became evident on board the 301,653 dwt crude oil tanker, Samco Raven, which underwent her third special survey at Yiu Lian Dockyard (Shekhou) in China. “After 15 years, the coating is in very good condition, in fact better than good,” said Mr. Francois Rascle, the V Ships France SAS Superintendent who oversaw the tanker’s drydocking. “The tanktops are in excellent condition with very few areas of breakdown,” he commented.

With a track record on over 12,000 vessels since 1988, the legendary Intershield 300 sets an industry benchmark in proven anticorrosive performance. This unique, abrasion resistant, (>9%) aluminium pure epoxy coating, offers long term asset protection, control of through life maintenance costs, excellent application properties and low temperature workability.

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