Proven savings with Intersleek 900

Proven savings with Intersleek 900

Indian tanker company coats second Aframax

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A second Aframax tanker belonging to Mumbai-based Mercator Lines, the 105,000 dwt ‘Prem Divya’, has been coated with International Paint’s foul release coating, Intersleek 900. The move comes just nine months after sistership ‘Prem Pride’ had her vertical sides coated with the latest generation patented fluoropolymer at Dubai Drydocks World. This time though, the hull upgrade of the ‘Prem Divya’ involved the entire underwater area of the 1998-built vessel during the tanker’s second special survey. 

“We had monitored the ‘Prem Pride’s’ fuel consumption closely,” explains Mercator Lines’ Mr. Amit Agrawal, General Manager. “At corresponding engine speeds, the vessel was consuming up to 6% less fuel, depending on weather conditions, after the application of Intersleek 900. We originally calculated projected savings based on a bunker price of $450 and found we were saving nearly three tonnes of fuel a day. And whilst bunker prices continue to climb, our payback period just gets shorter. The added advantages of no biocides, reduced drydocking times and lower CO2 emissions convinced us that this is the technology we need”. 

Mercator Lines is a progressive shipping company, with stated objectives not only of raising operating efficiency but also of reducing its environmental impact wherever possible. Prior to investing in Intersleek 900 technology, the company had undertaken a detailed cost benefit analysis, taking references from owners who had already adopted the new hull coating. The process involved calculating the savings generated by easier through-life hull coatings management including a smaller volume of paint required at subsequent dockings, an improvement in environmental footprint and, of course, startling fuel consumption savings. 

Speaking for International Paint, Mr. Clive O’Leary, Worldwide Marine Business Development Manager commented: “We are delighted that in the short time since the ‘Prem Pride’ had Intersleek 900 applied to her vertical sides, the savings are so obvious. Now, the ‘Prem Divya’ has had her entire underwater hull coated we look forward to comparing the figures. Rising bunker prices are generating unprecedented interest in Intersleek 900 and we are about to carry out our 120th application”.  

Mercator Liner is one of India’s fastest growing shipping firms, with a diverse fleet including tankers, bulk carriers, dredgers and an oil rig. The tanker fleet includes two VLCCs and the company has plans to convert a single-hulled supertanker into a Very Large Ore Carrier. Mercator Lines has been a pioneer of latest generation coatings and has adopted the latest technology for all ship areas, both internal and external. 

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