MSC Cruises and Aker Yards with Intersleek 900

MSC Cruises and Aker Yards with Intersleek 900

MSC Cruises, Italy’s largest styled cruise company and one of the biggest cruise ship operators in Europe is the world’s first company to apply the revolutionary, biocide free, foul release coatings system Intersleek 900 on a cruise ship newbuilding.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The application on the underwater hull of the 23 knot, 92,400 GT poetry of the seas ‘MSC Poesia’, scheduled to debut in March 2008, was carried out at pre-delivery drydocking of the vessel in St Nazaire, France in early January 2008 by Aker Yards, one of the world's largest builders of sophisticated ships.

Mr. Giorgio Fabbi, Senior Sales Manager, International Paint Italy said, “Intersleek 900 is an excellent product, providing significant performance and environmental benefits for both the ship operator and the shipyard. This successful first of a kind application was only made possible however by a first class team effort from all parties involved. I would like to thank MSC Cruises for their trust and support, Aker Yards, France for accepting new challenges and representatives from International Paint Italy, France and the U.K. for their dedicated assistance”.

Introduced in February 2007, Intersleek 900 is a new, unique patented biocide free fluoropolymer foul release coating representing the very latest advances in foul release technology.

For the ship operator, the product is exceptionally smooth with unprecedented low levels of average hull roughness combined with excellent foul release capabilities and good resistance to mechanical damage. In terms of reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel efficiency, Intersleek 900 offers predicted savings of 6% in comparison to biocide containing SPC (self polishing copolymer) antifoulings1 , although in-service experience on a range of vessel types has shown savings considerably higher than this. The potential exists for even greater savings in comparison to controlled depletion antifoulings. Other benefits of Intersleek 900 include no leaching of biocides into the sea, reduced paint consumption at the next docking and enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility through an improved environmental profile. Of particular note on the ‘MSC Poesia’ was the specially formulated ‘MSC Blue’ finish, adding to MSC Cruises environmental image.

For the shipyard the Intersleek 900 system on the MSC ‘Poesia’ was applied over Intersleek 717 Link Coat, a product especially designed to be applied to SPC antifoulings in good condition, eliminating the need for grit blasting and specialist waste disposal further reducing the environmental impact of the Intersleek coating process.

Mr. John Willsher, Intersleek Business Development Manager, EMEA said, “With Intersleek 900 quickly building a track record of 90 vessels, it is clear that operators are attracted by the potential benefits on offer. We feel that Intersleek 900 is a significant step forward in fouling control technology and one which will have a positive impact on the environmental profile and fuel efficiency of the global fleet”. 

Depending on application and in service conditions.

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