Lord Lieutenant presents Queen’s Award

Lord Lieutenant presents Queen’s Award

Following the announcement on 24th April that International Paint Ltd. had won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation Category 2007 and following a visit to Buckingham Palace on the 18th July, the Queen’s Award was formally presented to the Company on the 24th July 2007 by Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Tyne and Wear, Mr. Nigel Sherlock DL FRSA .

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Awards Ceremony was held on the Felling site and was attended by company employees, the Lieutenancy Officer for Tyne and Wear, Mrs. Lin Elder Atterton, Cadet Sergeant Major James Wilson ACF assisting the Lord Lieutentent, Ms. Norma Hope, Business Relations Manager One NorthEast and Mr. David Coppock, International Trade Director UK Trade and Investment.

Accepting the Award on behalf of the Marine and Protective Coatings Business Unit, General Manager Mr. Bill McPherson said, “We’re honoured to have won this years Queen’s Award. This is in fact the fourth time we’ve won, in 1967 and 1977 for Export Achievement, in 1981 for Technology and now in 2007 for Innovation. All of our people can feel justifiably proud”. 

Bill, who together with International Paint representatives Clive O’Leary, Worldwide Marine Business Development Manager and John Huthard, Senior Team Leader, also attended the Buckingham Palace reception and was delighted when they were especially selected for an audience with the Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and The Princess Royal, Princess Anne. Bill commented during the Felling Awards ceremony that he was very impressed on how well informed the Royal Party were on the company and the Award winning technology. 

The Award is for the development of Intersleek® 700, a silicone based foul release coating designed for use on scheduled ships with in service speeds between 15 and 30 knots. Intersleek® 700 does not use biocides to control fouling on the ship’s underwater hull, instead providing a slippery, low friction surface onto which fouling organisms have difficulty settling. Any that do settle, normally do so only weakly and can usually be easily removed by simple wiping / washing or by the vessel moving through the water at speed. Performance and environmental benefits include reduced fuel consumption, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, no leaching of biocides into the sea and reduced wash water treatment costs at drydock. \

A special guest at the Felling Awards ceremony was Mr. Alex Milne. Now retired from the company, Alex was the pioneer and inventor of foul release technology whose early research was granted a GB Patent way back in 1977.

Intersleek® 700 has recently been complemented by the introduction of the next generation of foul release technology, Intersleek® 900. Setting even higher performance standards with improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, Intersleek® 900 is a unique patented fluoropolymer foul release coating which represents the very latest advances in fouling control technology, significantly improving upon the performance of even the Queen’s Award winning system Intersleek® 700.

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