A simpler way to a smoother hull

A simpler way to a smoother hull

New Linkcoat provides access to Intersleek benefits without blast cleaning

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

With increasing fuel costs and a focus on emissions, ship operators are increasingly seeking quick, simple and cost effective solutions to improve operating efficiency. Over the last 10 years, Intersleek® biocide free foul release systems have delivered the proven benefits of an ultra smooth hull surface on thousands of ships and different ship types, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, cost and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Access to these benefits for vessels coated with non SPC (self polishing copolymer) antifouling coatings has usually meant full blast cleaning of the underwater hull to remove the existing coatings prior to installation of the Intersleek® system. Continued research and development, particularly in the area of adhesion mechanics has resulted in the latest innovation to complement the Intersleek® range, Intersleek®7180 Linkcoat.

Intersleek®7180 Linkcoat now allows access to our groundbreaking fluoropolymer based Intersleek®900 and silicone based Intersleek®700 foul release technology, without the need and expense of full underwater hull blast cleaning.

Specially designed for direct application over existing traditional antifouling technologies, controlled depletion polymers and hybrid schemes in addition to SPC antifoulings, the application of Intersleek®7180 Linkcoat followed by the full Intersleek® scheme, can significantly reduce the surface roughness of an existing antifouling system by over 70%, resulting in a smoother hull. 

Adhesion to and performance over a wide range of existing antifouling surfaces is provided by the specialised dual-cure technology (DCT) utilised in Intersleek®7180 Linkcoat. An initial fast cure provides excellent drying and barrier properties whilst a secondary cure employing flexible polymer chemistry enhances system adhesion. Intersleek®7180 Linkcoat also fills in and levels out the rough surface of an existing antifouling to provide the basis for a smooth finish that is almost as good as the Intersleek® system being applied to a fully blast cleaned surface. The smooth surface produced, reduces drag, significantly improves vessel efficiency and reduces fuel consumption and associated emissions.

Economically, Intersleek®7180 Linkcoat provides a logical choice for ship operators looking to reduce costs. Compared to a full blast and full scheme application on a typical VLCC vertical sides application, savings could be over USD 450,000, through shorter times in time in drydock and reduced surface preparation and application costs.

Intersleek®7180 Linkcoat continues our tradition of pioneering fouling control technology and is part of our new generation of sustainable ‘coatings that care’, improving efficiency and helping reduce shipping’s carbon footprint on all vessel types at newbuilding and maintenance and repair.

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