The Hamburg-based shipping company applied our high performance, self polishing copolymer antifouling to four of its vessels - ‘Port Nelson’, ‘Port Moresby’, ‘Port Melbourne’ and ‘Port Mouton’ - and are very pleased with the results to date. ‘Port Mouton’, a 53,000 DWT bulker coated with Intersmooth®7460HS SPC in September 2010, has seen a speed increase of 1.0 to 1.5 knots with no increase in fuel consumption, thanks to the product’s high level of fouling control which keeps the hull smooth and clean.

Inspection of two sister ships has also demonstrated Intersmooth®7460HS SPC’s excellent performance on trading routes including Africa, Singapore, South America and India, where the fouling challenge is severe:

“No animal or weed fouling has been seen in places where the antifouling was still intact (at damaged areas or where the coating was fully consumed some fouling was found, but adjacent areas are still acceptable). The exception was the sacrificial anodes which were covered with fouling growth, indicating the high fouling trading route of the vessel. We are very happy with the performance of Intersmooth®7460/7465HS SPC.” - Mr Rainer Blotenberg, Managing Director, Stella Marine Services

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Stellar performance from Intersmooth 7460HS SPC