The 301,653 dwt crude oil tanker had her cargo oil tanks coated with the abrasion resistant, aluminium pure epoxy coating Intershield®300 immediately after delivery in June 1996. At her third special survey and planned maintenance at Yiu Lian Dockyard (Shekou), China in August 2011, nine of her fifteen cargo oil tanks were assessed and the coating condition was rated as excellent throughout.

In addition, very little breakdown was observed on edges, weld seams, cut-outs and scallops throughout the tanks with only a small number of minor, isolated spots of corrosion present. No breakdown was visible directly above, at or below the cargo load lines and the coating was in excellent condition in areas surrounding bellmouths and on sharp edges around cargo wells.

“After 15 years in service the coating is in very good condition…in fact, better than good. The tanktops are in excellent condition with very few areas of breakdown.” François Rascle, Superintendent, V. Ships France SAS (supervised the drydocking)

With only minimal repairs, the coating is set to continue protecting the cargo oil tanks for many years to come. The ‘Samco Raven’ is the second vessel to demonstrate Intershield®300’s sound anticorrosive coating performance over 15 years, following the ballast tank inspection of the M/V ‘Eleranta’ in June 2010.

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Samco Raven soars with Intershield 300