The 151,885 cubic metre LNG carrier, operated by Teekay Shipping, was coated with Intersmooth® SPC self polishing copolymer antifouling at newbuilding in November 2008. Analysis of the vessel’s activity over the subsequent 30 months showed that for 65% of the time the vessel speed was between 0-1 knots, in average sea temperatures of 33°C, in locations including the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and the Sea of Japan. Despite the severe fouling challenge presented by these conditions, the June 2011 in-dock inspection of the vessel revealed the vertical sides and flat bottom to be in excellent condition.

Teekay’s Vessel Manager, James Thomson, commented, “As the ‘Tangguh Hiri’ had been laid up for 9 months in such high temperatures, we were extremely impressed at the underwater hull condition at her in-dock inspection. Before the vessel was washed down there was virtually no fouling in evidence, as the photos illustrate.”

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Intersmooth SPC rises to the challenge