Since application in September 2011, the vessel has carried a vast range of chemicals, including the extremely aggressive calcium lignosulphonate. Carried at 80°C, this cargo has long been a cause of failure for traditional coatings like phenolic epoxies and zinc silicates, rapidly leading to steel degradation. Meeting this challenge, together with the need for easy cleaning and transition between difficult to clean cargoes such as lecithin and fatty acids, is critical to Simonsen’s mission.

Allan Skovlund Nielsen, Simonsen’s Technical Manager, commented, “Our trademark is top quality tanks for refiners and Interline 9001 has not let us down. As a result of using this product, we are able to trade aggressive chemicals, and the time to clean to cargo surveyors’ satisfaction has been significantly reduced versus traditional coatings. Calcium lignosulphonate is a key cargo for us and we can’t carry this in phenolic or zinc tanks. Lecithin and fatty acids historically caused us many cleaning headaches but this process is made much simpler with the use of Interline 9001.”

In twenty months of service Interline 9001 has also enabled the smooth transition between many other high temperature and difficult to clean cargoes on the ‘Oradana’, including fish oils, molasses, vinasses, crude rapeseed oil, urea ammonium nitrate, palm olein and fertilisers. Thanks to its bimodal epoxy technology, the coating offers extended chemical resistance over phenolic epoxy coatings, whilst significantly reducing cleaning time and costs through low absorption of chemicals and a glossy, smooth surface.

“We’re extremely excited about this new technology and there is vast market interest”, said Andy Hopkinson, International’s Business Development Manager. “Cleaning is a big issue in today’s market with standards becoming tougher and methanol washing - which was historically the most effective tank cleaning method - being largely banned. Interline 9001 has been independently proven to reduce cleaning times by up to 70%, making a big impact on the bottom line for owners and charterers. It also has extended chemical resistance, allowing owners like Simonsen to carry aggressive materials and remove recovery periods in addition to maintaining the cleaning benefit of the system. We are delighted that Simonsen is getting the performance it requires as it was the first innovator to apply this coating to all tanks of a vessel.”

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Simonsen simplifies its operations with Interline 9001