Bulk carriers generally trade globally in very high fouling challenge regions with heavy loads. Furthermore, they normally have frequent stops due to the loading and discharging of cargoes. The longer time required for discharging cargo which is due to health and safety considerations as well as logistics, means increased frequency of static periods which presents significant challenges to underwater hull coatings, to maintain hull efficiency during vessel operations.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Over 300 successful applications of Intersleek have been completed on bulk carriers.

Intersleek 1100SR has demonstrated excellent slime release properties after long static periods. This allows customers to access foul release technology with reduced hull maintenance compared with other antifouling offerings. Thus, it gives a financial and environmental benefit to customers.

The picture below shows the hull performance of Intersleek 1100SR after a 45-day static period in the high fouling challenge of Indonesia on a bulker named Wooyang Banders (DWT 73,700). This vessel was coated with Intersleek 1100SR in November 2013. From the pictures, negligible level of slime can be observed after the long static period during April – May 2017.

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Intersleek 1100SR shows excellent performance after long static periods