VLCCs often trade in a global operating pattern.  A large amount of their time can be spent in high fouling challenge waters whilst loading and discharging cargoes.  Due to the large underwater area of these vessels, the coating investment can be significant.  Hence, the choice of coatings required to maximize the vessel efficiency is a major budgetary concern.  The use of Intersleek 1100SR allows the operator to overcome these challenges.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Intersleek has completed over 300 applications onto VLCC ships. Below are some examples showing good inservice performance of Intersleek 1100SR. 

Lanion technology is comprised of a number of structurally similar long chain waxy sterols, which are responsible for the foul release properties of Intersleek 1000. This technology is also used in a number of other industries from the personal care and medical sectors where it is used to improve skin condition and healing rate to the industrial sector where it is used as a lubricant and to protect ferrous surfaces. Intersleek 1000 provides sustainable fouling control at the price of Self-polishing Copolymer antifoulings.

Since the launch of Intersleek 1000 in September 2016, we have completed 90 applications up to end November 2017 on various types of vessels.