Complete cargo resistance guide for vessels

Complete cargo resistance guide for vessels

AkzoNobel marine coatings business has developed an online cargo resistance guide, which helps ship managers and ship owners determine which cargoes their tank coatings is designed to carry in the bulk liquid trade.

You can acess the online cargo resistance guide by visiting this website or downloading our International Marine Coatings App from the Apple App Store.

The guide is easy to use and is searchable by International Paint tank coatings or cargo. When searching via cargo, users can select the cargo name and print results of the tank coatings that are resistant to this cargo. The system provides notes, maximum temperatures and maximum times that cargoes can be carried with additional guidance on sequencing options and limitations. 

The online cargo resistance guide should be reviewed in conjunction with the cargo resistance guide notes, which provides further information.

When selecting the tank coating, such as Interline 994, you can view which cargoes are unrestricted, restricted, unacceptable, and not tested.

Within the system, where cargoes are listed in capital letters, these refer to the PSN (Proper Shipping Name) for the cargo, as listed in MEPC updates.

The online resistance guide is a valuable resource for all ship managers and ship owners.

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