Santa Giuliana', coated with Intersmooth® 7460HS SPC, Besiktas Shipyard, Turkey in November 2011.

Set up in Hamburg in 1971, Claus Peter Offen is one of the world’s largest suppliers of modern commercial ships. Its primary business operation, its container ship fleet, was established in 1978 and includes 110 vessels, mainly operated under long-term charter contracts for leading shipping lines. Ranging from 1,500 to 14,000 TEU in capacity, the ships are employed in various liner services worldwide. 

As the world’s only self polishing copolymer biocidal antifouling that offers 4%* fuel and emissions savings and over 37 years of proven performance on 33,398 ships, Intersmooth®SPC is the ideal choice for Claus Peter Offen to maintain the operational efficiency for which it is renowned.

Mr. Dietmar Thiem, Head of the Technical Department for Claus Peter Offen, stated, 

We have used Intersmooth®SPC self polishing copolymer antifouling products for many years on our vessels, starting with Intersmooth®460/465 SPC and now Intersmooth®7460/7465HS SPC. Intersmooth®SPC products have kept our vessels foul-free and we have the confidence that they will continue to perform for us....we are very pleased with the performance to date.”

*Based on over 5,000 vessel dry docks and inspections for foul rating, combined with AHR measurements from over 50 vessel outdockings.

Intersmooth® 7460/7465HS SPC

High volume solids, self polishing copolymer antifouling

Introduced in 1974, Intersmooth® SPC is the world's only self polishing copolymer biocidal antifouling that offers 4%* fuel and emissions savings and over 37 years of proven performance on 33,398 ships.

Intersmooth® 7460HS SPC for use at maintenance and repair, and Intersmooth® 7465HS SPC for newbuilding, represent the very latest generation of biocidal antidoulings building on this success. Using patented copper acrylate technology to deliver first-rate antifouling performance for up to 90 months**, they offer high volume solids and low VOC (volatile organic content), meaning faster application and reduced coats per scheme.

Saving time in dock

Saving time in the dock is crucial in today's operating environment. The high volume solids of Intersmooth®7460/7465HS SPC mean fewer coats+ are required at application, resulting in less time in dry dock and reduced costs of your vessel being out of service.

Excellent application properties

A controlled spray pattern makes for a smooth hull and an excellent finished appearance.

Reduced waste and VOCs

At 54% volume solids, Intersmooth®7460/7465HS SPC are the highest volume solids, single component, pure SPCs available, reducing VOC by up to 40%^. Also, lower levels of overspray mean less wastage and contamination.

* Based on over 5,000 vessel dry docls and inspections for fouling rating, combined with average hull roughness measurements fromover 50 vessel outdockings.

** 90 months applies to vessels covered by the extended dry docking (EDD) programme, mainly container vessels, pure car carriers and general cargo ships.

+ Dependent on vessel activity.

^ Compared with Intersmooth® pared 465 SPC

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Intersmooth SPC: Proven protection for Claus Peter Offen