The condition of the water ballast tanks can affect both the safety and structural integrity of the vessel and also reduce its asset value.

Water ballast tanks are an integral part of every ship and although these areas are not revenue earning, they can be critical particularly if steelwork replacement as a result of corrosion is required. Whilst the outer hull, external deck and structure may be in good condition, lifting the hatches of the water ballast tanks can reveal the real condition of the vessel.  If extensively corroded, the condition of water ballast tanks can affect both the safety and structural integrity of the vessel and also reduce its asset value. Not only is the cost of repairing of these spaces enormous, these are also potentially complex and time-consuming operations.

Corrosion Protection

Prevention of corrosion is one of the most important aspects of maintaining vessel safety together with preserving asset values. The success of any water ballast tank corrosion protection programme depends on the selection of the coating scheme, surface preparation and application of the coating at newbuilding. However, corrosion does happen and therefore repairs are required.

At maintenance and repair drydocking or on-board

The choice of water ballast tank anticorrosive coating can have a significant influence on vessel through-life operation costs. Choosing a high quality anticorrosive coating can reduce future maintenance costs, reduce life-cycle costs, improve vessel safety and increase asset value. Interbond®808, designed for use at dry-dock and on-board, is suitable for maintenance and repair.  It is both surface and damp tolerant which makes it perfect for this application.

What benefits can Interbond®808 provide to the ship owner?

Ship owners can reduce drydocking time and costs when they repair a ship using surface tolerant products, especially when dealing with ballast maintenance. Ballast areas are one of the most important areas to be supervised during the drydocking. Owners can achieve comprehensive benefits by using easy to handle, fast-application products that are damp surface tolerant during their ballast maintenance.

Best in class ballast maintenance product – Interbond®808

Interbond®808, part of the International® range of marine coatings, is the best-in-class ballast maintenance protection coating. This light coloured, tar free, surface tolerant, two pack epoxy coating with high volume solids (82%), can be applied as a one or two coat system over grit blasted, hydro-blasted or mechanically cleaned surfaces. Interbond®808 is tolerant of damp surfaces which reduces preparation costs whilst protecting the asset value.