Interline Renew is an uncomplicated, quick solution to on-board maintenance repair needs. It covers all major organic Interline cargo tank coatings, including Interline 9001Interline 994Interline 994LT & Interline 704.

Interline Renew is easy to apply, as a one coat scheme of 300μm (dry film thickness) by brush. It offers all the major benefits crews require of a quick, easy repair solution for cargo tank coatings, without much disruption of their day-to-day operations.

Why use Interline Renew?

Interline Renew is esssential for ship managers & ship owners, saving time, water & energy resources. Interline Renew's one coat scheme reduces repair complexity & enables a fast return to service within 48 hours. It is available in the top 5 bulk liquid terminal locations.

Key Characteristics

Characteristics: Advantages:
  • One coat repair
  • Easy to use
  • Wide Temperature (10°C - 35°C) Humidity flexibiliity (up to 80%)
  • Flexible application conditions allow crew to conduct repairs easily saving time & energy resources needed for temperature & humidity control.
  • Versatile with chemical resistance
  • Compatible with Interline 9001, 994, 994LT, 704. Provides the same chemical resistance as the coating being repaired, hence minimized operational complexity after repair.
  • Fast me to service entry (32 hrs at 23°C) requirements
  • Lower Cargo carriage downtime, fast return to service after repair jobs. Minimal disrution to ship crew operations.
  • No mandatory post curing requirements*
  • Saves time, energy & water resources. Improved durability of repaired costs.

*Restrictions & limitations are present with Interline Renew. Reading the application guide is strongly recommended.

For more information regarding Interline Renew, visit the product page here.