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Our Worldwide Products by Category

Know what type of product you're looking for? Search our worldwide product range from categories such as primers to foul release coatings. Click on a category to show the products.

Abrasion Resistant / Cargo Hold Coatings

Abrasion resistant coatings for ice class vessels and cargo / bulk carriers.


Biocidal fouling control coatings for all ship types.

Cargo Tank Coatings

Chemically resistant tank linings for the bulk liquid trade.

Cosmetic Finishes

Protection and decoration for all ship types.

Foul Release Coatings

Biocide free, foul release systems for fast craft, scheduled ships and all other vessels >10 knots.

High Performance Deck Coatings

Non skid deck coatings for naval vessels and other ship types.

Potable Water Tank Coatings

Certified potable water tank coatings for all ship types.

Primers / Tie Coats

Anticorrosive primers and tie coats for all ship types.

Shop Primers

Shop, pre construction primers for all shipyards, ship types and (most) vessel areas.

Universal Primers

Anticorrosive primers for all ship types and (most) vessel areas.

Water Ballast Tank Coatings

IMO PSPC compliant systems for all ship types.


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