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Introducing the first biocide free fouling control coating featuring unique patented Slime Release technology that combats micro fouling on ships’ hulls, maintaining performance throughout the docking cycle.

The latest innovation in our Intersleek®
range, delivers outstanding macro and
micro fouling control with improved static
resistance, even in warm waters and is
suitable for slow steaming. Slime that
does build up during static periods is
released by the movement of the ship
through water. As a result vessels can
achieve reduced drag, improved fuel
efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

The proof is in the polymer...

Polymer The new patented fluoropolymer in
Intersleek®1100SR has been
developed by enhancing the slime
resistant polymer groups used in
earlier generations of Intersleek®.
The tailored surface chemistry of
this new technology specifically
influences and resists the adhesion
and settlement of organisms that
make up slime colonisation.

Slime Composition

Slime is a complex, varied and dynamic organism predominantly made up of bacteria and diatoms. There are thousands of individual species in the oceans that can result in varying slime film thicknesses, textures, compositions, and surface roughness on ships’ hulls. Slime begins to cultivate as soon as the vessel enters the water as bacteria populate the substrate and excrete Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS). EPS is what makes the surface feel "slimy" to touch.

The make-up of marine slime or biofilms is so diverse that samples from one part of a vessel could be completely different to biofilms from a few metres away. The composition of biofilms, show that they vary by geographic location, time of the year and vessel activity.

This research resulted in a new patent for controlling slime on ships' hulls and we believe that we now have industry leading insight into slime formation, settlement, release and its impact on vessel operating efficiency.

Unrivalled expertise and experience in foul release coatings

Legend of the seas With over 17 years experience in foul release coatings we are very much aware of the performance characteristics of the technology on ships in service. International Paint launched the first and original silicone based Intersleek®425 in 1996, available for fast craft. In 1999 Intersleek®700 silicone technology was introduced delivering the benefits of foul release to deep sea scheduled vessels.

In 2007 the introduction of Intersleek®900, the original fluoropolymer technology, meant that foul release was available for all vessels above 10 knots. And now Intersleek®1100SR becomes, the first ever slime release coating for all vessels, even in warm waters and slow steaming. With over 1,600 individual applications, Intersleek® has the largest foul release track record within the industry. The Intersleek® brand is proven to deliver the very highest levels of fouling control.