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Foul Release

Foul release technologies

Biocide free, this technology works on a foul release basis by providing a very smooth, slippery, low-friction surface onto which fouling organisms have difficulty attaching. Any which do attach, normally do so only weakly and can usually be easily removed.

Benefits include reduced fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emissions and no leaching of biocides into the sea. With options for all vessel types, the Intersleek® product range is a significant development that can have a positive impact on the environmental profile and fuel efficiency of the global fleet.

Foul release technologies available from International®:

Lanion Technology

Our first fouling control coating to use a patented technology that incorporated bio-renewable raw material to deliver enhanced vessel performance throughout the dry-docking cycle. Based on patented technology, Lanion enables hulls coated with Intersleek®1000 to maintain an ultra-smooth surface, reducing drag and lowering a vessel's fuel consumption and emissions.
Intersleek®1000 lanion technology >>>

Slime release technology

Our very latest patented technology works by enhancing the slime resistant polymer groups that are present in the fluoropolymer foul release technology. The modification of the coating's surface energy to become more hydrophilic whilst maintaining a hydrophobic portion enables the coating to resist the adhesion and settlement of organisms that make up slime colonisation.

This makes slime release technology significantly better at deterring the settlement and release of slime, compared to other foul release products, whilst displaying reliable foul release performance against weed, barnacles and other macro fouling organism.
Intersleek®1100SR slime release technology >>>


Silicone elastomer foul release coatings provide an ultra smooth, slippery, hydrophobic surface and are chemically durable. There is no film degradation, polishing or other chemical change, so extended drydocking intervals are possible.
Intersleek®700 silicone foul release technology >>>


Fluoropolymer chemistry represents the very latest advances in foul release technology formulated to provide an amphiphilic surface, making it very difficult for fouling organisms to adhere to the coated surface.
Intersleek®900 fluoropolymer foul release technology >>>

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