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Cargo Hold Coatings

Cargo Hold Coatings

Cargo holds, as well as being the revenue earning spaces of the vessel, are also the areas subject to the harshest of operating environments. Various forms of impact, abrasion and mechanical damage occur from the loading and carriage of dry cargoes.

Without excellent coating protection, the structural integrity of holds can be compromised, jeopardising continuing vessel profitability and safe operation.

Faster loading techniques are increasingly being employed by ports which in turn places new demands on cargo hold coatings.

Cargo Hold Damage

Key modes of damage in cargo holds are impact and gouging. Impact damage can occur when cargoes are loaded into holds through various mechanisms.

High speed belt conveyors can rapidly break down coatings, a phenomenon known as 'shooting' damage.

Gouging is a result of cargo 'settlement' during sailing and this form of abrasion can cause severe damage at the cargo/coating interface.

If the coating becomes damaged, exposed steel will corrode during the carriage of moist cargoes such as coal, reducing coating adhesion and leaving the steel vulnerable to further mechanical attack.

Cargo Hold Coatings Range

Selecting the correct coating is critical to minimising damage.

Our cargo hold range provides the optimum balance of abrasion resistance and corrosion prevention, delivering the ultimate performance.

Designed to meet all your needs, our range of cargo hold coatings offers enhanced performance and abrasion resistance, with practical application.

Intershield®803Plus - our toughest ever cargo hold coating that has been specifically designed to withstand the impacts of modern high speed belt conveyors, frequently used at loading. 'Shooting' damage from such mechanisms can have a dramatic effect on coating lifetimes.

Intershield®803 - a two-pack, high performance, abrasion resistant pure epoxy coating. Its excellent mechanical properties limit mechanical damage and subsequent corrosion. With an extensive track record and proven performance it offers outstanding long term protection.

Intergard®7020 - an aluminium two-component pure epoxy coating. Offering good corrosion and abrasion resistance, enhancing vessel earning potential.

Interbond®201 - a surface tolerant, anticorrosive primer, available in two grades:
a temperate version for use at temperatures down to 5°C (41°F) and a low temperature curing version for use at temperatures down to -5°C (23°F).

Abrasion resistance

Excellent physical and mechanical properties that offer superior protection against impact and gouging by hard, angular cargoes such as coal and iron ore. This is likely to escalate as ports try to increase throughput and reduce congestion through the use of high speed belt conveyor loading.

Corrosion protection

Our range provides excellent anticorrosive performance, protecting the vessel’s structural integrity.

All year round application

Suitable for application and curing at a wide range of temperatures.

Long term savings

Extended service life is critical to owners and operators. Our products can significantly reduce the downtime and expense associated with drydocking, blasting, recoating and steel replacement, as well as the need for ongoing maintenance. Rapid curing properties ensure earliest possible return to service, following application.

Easy clean

A smooth finish, allows easy cleaning between cargoes.

Grain certification

All our products have an approved grain certificate.

Ultimate defence against cargo hold damage

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