Performance Standard for Protective Coatings

The IMO adopted a new ‘Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) for Dedicated Seawater Ballast Tanks of all Types of Ships and Double-Side Skin Spaces of Bulk Carriers’ at the Marine Safety Committee meeting (MSC 82) in Istanbul on the 8th December 2006. The standard is the first of its kind and marks an important turning point in the protection of vessels from corrosion. The standard is applicable to newbuildings only and covers the protection of water ballast tanks. 

The IMO standard will come into effect for all vessels over 500GT that are contracted on or after 1st July 2008, or if no contract, the keels of which are laid on or after 1st January 2009, or if delivery is on or after 1st July 2012 subject to the amendment procedure of the International Convention for the Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) (revised Regulation II-1/3-2). However the implications of the standard are more immediate for Tankers and Bulk Carriers. Since the adoption of the Common Structural Rules (CSR) by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in April 2006 there has been a provision of a coating standard for the protection of water ballast tanks. IACS took the view that as soon as the IMO adopted the PSPC then with immediate effect all Tankers and Bulk Carriers contracted on or after the adoption date would need to conform with the performance standard. 

Although the standard has been adopted, there is still some confusion surrounding a number of issues including ISO standards and inspection responsibility. IACS have subsequently issued a guidance note on the implementation of the ISO PSPC and have gone some way to clarify the situation. In the case of ISO standards being nonmandatory in the IMO PSPC, IACS have stated that for CSR vessels all ISO standards are mandatory. They also hope to get this inserted into the IMO PSPC at a later date. In terms of inspection responsibility, the IMO PSPC still states that “Inspection of surface preparation and coating processes shall be agreed upon between the shipowner, the shipyard and the coating manufacturer and presented to the IMO Administration for review. The Administration may, if it so requires, participate in the agreement process.” At the meeting, the IMO view was that the Owner, Yard and Paint manufacturer should appoint the inspector together. The interpretation of this view will be different depending on the newbuilding location. 

International Paint has been working hard to ensure that the requirements of the standard are fully understood and are in constant discussion with all relevant parties. We are ensuring that our coatings are Type approved and are undertaking further testing to approve a range of shop primers. In addition to this, International Paint is ensuring that all of our technical service staff worldwide conform to the requirements of the standard. We will keep all our customers up-to-date on the progress we are making. International Paint welcomes the introduction of a standard that will help increase the service life of coatings for water ballast tanks and are continuing to work closely with Owners, Yards and Class to ensure a smooth transition to full implementation of the standard. For further information on the PSPC please contact your International Paint representative. 

Intersleek® 700 In-Service Test Results Win Hanjin Shippings’ Entire Container Fleet  

Hanjin Shipping, one of the largest shipping companies in Korea, recently announced their decision to reblast and recoat their entire container fleet with International Paint’s Intersleek® 700 foul release coating system. The decision follows the successful in-service performance monitoring of their 5,302 teu container vessel, m/v ‘Hanjin Paris’, which was coated with Intersleek® 700 at Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard, China in December 2005. 

Hanjin Shipping was first introduced to Intersleek® 700 back in 1998, but it was not until October 2003 that they agreed to an initial trial – on the rudder of “Hanjin Oslo” (5,308 teu container vessel). The results from that test showed excellent performance against cavitation, prompting Hanjin Shipping to set up an ‘Intersleek® Task Force Team’ to look into the claimed benefits of this ‘new technology’. 

That team, working in close cooperation with International Paint Korea’s sales staff, eventually decided to apply Intersleek® 700 to the underwater area of ‘Hanjin Paris’ and then monitor her performance against previous records for the vessel and against those for her sister vessels. 

YY Kim, Sales Director for Marine & Protective Coatings, at International Paint Korea said, “In service performance of the ‘Hanjin Paris’ shows significant fuel savings, reduced engine load and, in consequence, has opened up charter possibilities which were previously thought untenable with the current Hanjin Shipping fleet design. These significant benefits have prompted the important decision to move Hanjin Shipping’s entire container fleet to Intersleek® 700.” 

‘Hanjin Los Angeles’ (4,024 teu) was drydocked for her Intersleek® 700 application in July 2006 and was followed by two more Hanjin Shipping vessels; seven are scheduled in 2007 and three more will follow in 2008. 

Intersleek® 700 is a unique, non stick, silicone-based foul release coating system that does not use biocides. It is specifically designed for high-activity, deep sea scheduled ships and provides an ultrasmooth, low-friction surface onto which fouling organisms have difficulty settling. 

YY Kim attributed this success to his Maintenance & Repair Sales Team, YC Choi and KH Ro, with the help of International Paint Korea’s Technical Service led by SH Park. YY Kim said, “Once we recognised that there was an opportunity for Intersleek® 700 to benefit the Hanjin Shipping Fleet our determination and ‘never give up’ philosophy did the rest.”

Kanrei Shipyard, Tokushima First for International Paint Japan KK

Kanrei Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. is a Japanese shipyard specialising in LPG carriers, chemical tankers and oil tankers, building four to five ships per year. 

International Paint Japan (IPJ) have been involved in discussions with Kanrei Shipbuilding for over a year in relation to two 3,500m3 and two 5,000m3 LPG carriers.

The first IPJ secured vessel from Kanrei Shipbuilding was launched in October 2006 at the Kanrei Shipyard in Tokushima on Shikoku Island.  

The vessel owned by clients of Epic Shipping is coated with Intergard® 343 and Interswift® 655 on the flats, Intergard® 343 and Intersmooth® 465 SPC on the boottops and Intergard® 343 and Intergard® 740 on the Topsides. 

Three Ships for Yang Ming Transportation Inc.

Yang Ming Transportation Inc. operates a fleet of 79 vessels of which container ships are the mainstream service force. They also have bulk carriers and super tankers in operation.

In April 2005, ‘YM Green’ had Intersleek® 700 applied. This was inspected during a recent drydock after 18 months in service. The coating was in excellent condition with only light slime which was easily removed. 

There have been another two recent applications of Intersleek® 700 on Yang Ming vessels, the ‘YM Champion’ and ‘YM Europe’.

Both are container ships with a DWT of 19,325 and 46,772 respectively. ‘YM Champion’ was coated in August 2006 with Intershield® 300 and Intersleek® 700 on the flats and sides, Intershield® 300 and Interthane® 990 on the boottop and Intertuf® 262, Intergard® 263 and Interthane® 990 on the topsides.

‘YM Europe’ was coated in November 2006 with Intersleek® 700 on the sides and Intersmooth® 460 SPC on the flats. 

Aker Yards A/S - Brattvaag Praise International Paint’s Service

International Paint Ltd have worked closely with Aker Yards A/S in Brattvaag since 1994. During this time Romania has seen a dramatic improvement in the standard of supply vessels built. 

Aker was privatised in 2000, which is when they purchased the shipyard. This enabled them to manage systems more efficiently and to implement new standards throughout the business.

International Paint liaised with Aker Brattvaag to overcome problems with surface preparation which were being experienced at that time. After these problems were solved, Aker Brattvaag agreed that on their behalf International Paint would advise on the survey of steel inspections to avoid any future problems. 

This efficient system is still in operation today with joint responsibility for Aker, International Paint, Yard Subcontractors and Port Services to inspect any units ready for erection in Aker Yards.

Arne Langenes, Aker Yards A/S Manger of the Brattvaag site office in Tulcea said, “cooperation and support from International Paint all these years has been good and all problems have been solved together”.