LNG vessels generally trade in very high fouling challenge regions and have historically been difficult to protect from fouling due to their unique operating profile and frequent static periods in high fouling areas. It has been very difficult for LNG vessels to maintain consistent performance up to 60 months. The environmental profile of LNG operators is of high importance, and they are keenly aware of their environmental responsibilities in the carriage of their clean cargo.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The superior performance of Intersleek 1100SR compared to other coatings, has been demonstrated on LNG vessels. With over $130Mn of fuel savings and 1.5 Mn tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions saved, it has proven to be a superior coating solution for these vessels. With climate change agendas having far reaching implications on the environment, LNG is seen as key to re-directing the world towards lower carbon emissions in the future. This vision of the LNG industry is in line with AkzoNobel and our Planet Possible approach, in bringing sustainable solutions such as Intersleek to market to help customers achieve their environmental goals.

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LNG vessels generate over 9% fuel savings​