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Regulatory affairs

Regulatory Affairs

We understand you need to comply with legislation, that's why we continuously review our product range and deliver products to meet your needs for tomorrow.


Need to know more about IMO MSC.215(82) Performance Standard for Protective Coatings?

VOC Regulations

Volatile Organic Compunds (VOCs), which react with other chemicals in the air we breathe to cause damaging ozone and smog, are contained in coatings, solvents, inks and aerosols and are climbing the environmental agenda.

Transfer of Invasive Species

New guidelines that aim to reduce the risk of transfer of invasive aquatic species to be introduced.

Ballast Water Waste Management

Translocation of invasive species via ballast water is a long standing issue in the industry.

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Health, Safety and Environment

Learn more about our commitment to HSE.


Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals, the EU's new regulation to manage chemicals.

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