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The Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals. It is a new EU regulation which places new responsibilities on many sectors of industry - manufacturers and users - to ensure that raw materials are safe to use.

The regulation covers all of the components used in the production of marine coatings.

New responsibilities for manufacturers and users

As coatings manufacturers we need to demonstrate that our products are risk-free, both for applicators and the environment. REACH is being introduced progressively, between now and 2018.

Under the recently completed 'pre-registration' stage of the new regulation, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has been notified of the raw materials and chemicals used in the formulation of our coatings. But from here on, as coatings manufacturers and our customers we will have new responsibilities.

International Paint

REACH legislation fits well with our Product Stewardship commitment and our support for the Responsible CareĀ® and Coatings CareĀ® initiatives.

We are fully committed to compliance with REACH and have already notified ECHA of the products we use in our coatings. We do not expect any unacceptable product risk from a regulatory point of view and all our raw materials are accepted and continue to be used. Therefore, REACH should have no impact on the products we supply, either now or in the future.

Our customers

REACH is relevant for newbuild and repair yards, as well as ship owners, operators and applicators. When the ECHA has completed its analysis of coatings components and their relative risks, improved safety data sheets with better information on safe storage and handling will be issued. The regulation covers the entire life-cycle of coatings products.

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