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What is product stewardship?

Product Stewardship, or managing a product 'from the cradle to the grave', helps ensure that products on the market are safer to both people and the environment throughout their entire life cycle.

We’re proud to be a signatory to Coatings Care®, the worldwide coating industries' commitment to continual improvement in all aspects of Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

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Extensive track record of product stewardship success

We systematically review the use of all raw materials in existing products. This can result in the reformulation of products, or in some cases, removing products from our current range. Over the last two decades, we have made significant progress in identifying and removing a number of potentially harmful substances from the product range.

We were the first major coatings supplier to stop the manufacture of TBT containing antifoulings and coal tar containing coatings, the first to introduce non-toxic foul release coatings and we are leading the way on water based shop primer technology. View our product stewardship milestones since the 1970’s:

1974 Intersmooth®SPC1: The first tin-free self polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling

1993 TBT Free: International®’s laboratories begin development of TBT-free self-polishing antifoulings with reduced environmental impact

1996 Intersleek®425: The first commercially available biocide-free, foul release system for fast craft, is launched

1999 Intersleek®700: The first foul-release system for deep sea scheduled ships. Revolutionary low surface energy coatings technology controls fouling without the use of biocides

2002 Intershield®803: Intershield®803 abrasion resistant pure epoxy coating is introduced, offering excellent physical properties without the use of aromatic amine curing agents

2002 Interswift®655: The first hybrid TBT-free self polishing antifouling system

2003 TBT: International® becomes the first major marine coatings supplier to completely withdraw from the supply of coatings containing TBT

2004 Interplate®Zero: Introduction of Interplate®Zero - the first, patented, water-based, overcoatable zinc silicate shop primer with zero VOCs, reducing the volume of VOCs emitted in shipyards globally, and improving our customers' environmental profile and productivity

2006 Coal Tar containing coatings: International® becomes the first major marine coatings supplier to totally withdraw from the supply of coatings containing coal tar

2007 Intersleek®900: Biocide-free Intersleek®900, based on unique patented fluoropolymer foul release technology is launched, opening up foul release coating option to all vessels above 10 knots

2009 Intersmooth®7460/7465HS SPC: Launch of the next generation, higher solids, lower-VOC self-polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling

2011 Lead Chromates: International® becomes the first producer in the heavy duty coatings sector to completely phase out of the use of lead chromates

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