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Ballast Waste Water Management

New regulations requiring ship operators to introduce Ballast Water Management systems is a key move in the drive to halt the global transfer of damaging marine organisms.

New responsibilities for owners and operators

Although the issue was first raised at the IMO more than 20 years ago, global regulations have still not entered into force, prompting a number of countries to introduce their own rules.

Expanding ocean trade has led to widescale damage to the marine environment through the transfer of invasive organisms in ballast water. Now, ship operators face new regulations being introduced unilaterally by some countries, and progressively by the IMO, on new ships, through its Ballast Water Management Convention.

However, only 17 states representing just over 15% of world tonnage have signed up so far, whereas the Convention enters into force only 12 months after 30 states representing 35% of tonnage have signed.

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