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Like any good show where a lot of behind-scene work takes place before the final presentation, onboard maintenance is never as simple as just a can of paint. A host of considerations and work must go into the work from start to finish, and often not without unfavorable surprises. (Surprises? Then you could certainly benefit from our OBM Training Course.)

To serve you better, we have devised a variety of control measures and tools that will help you correctly maintain your fleet while on board, and do so effortlessly. Please take a look at a few examples of the services we have prepared for you.

Marine OBM Training Package

Seastores CDROM

The new Marine OBM training package features "Painting and Surfaces", an interactive training tool for onboard maintenance of coatings. This solution has been developed in partnership with Marlins.

Contact one of our representatives today for more info.

OBM Painting Guidelines

Download our OBM Painting Guidelines,which provide information on planning and carrying out onboard maintenance efficiently and safely, whether at sea or in port.

Paint system advice

Our paint experts will be able to physically go onboard your vessel, and help recommend the most suitable paint systems, saving you the hassle of determining what paint to use.

These are just a few examples of what we can offer. Please contact one of our sales representative today to find out more ways we can help make your onboard maintenance an easy and effective experience.

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