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Seastores Range

From more specialized high performance products for outstanding anticorrosive protection, heat resistance and surface tolerance, to our everyday easy to use, easy to apply Interstores touch up coatings, our comprehensive Seastores range is designed to protect, maintain and enhance your image.

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Cosmetic Finishes

Our cosmetic finishes are designed to enhance operator image:


Interlac® 665

- Single pack high gloss durable alkyd finish

Intersheen® 579

- Versatile, fast drying single pack acrylic finish

Intergard® 740

- Hard wearing, high gloss epoxy finish providing chemical resistance

Interthane® 990

- High performance, high gloss acrylic polyurethane for excellent durability and long term recoatability



Our wide range of primers are designed to protect your vessels from abrasion and corrosion.


For high traffic and cargo carrying spaces:

Interbond® 201

- Economical surface tolerant, multipurpose epoxy primer/finish

To prime hand-prepared steel:

Interprime® 198

- Quick drying, surface tolerant multi-purpose single pack primer

For damp surfaces and hard to reach areas:

Interbond® 808

- Surface tolerant high performing epoxy anticorrosive

For long term corrosion protection:

Intershield® 300

- Abrasion resistant, aluminium pure epoxy anticorrosive

Intershield® One-2-One

- Crew friendly, surface tolerant, pure epoxy anticorrosive


Heat Resistant Coatings

Specialty coatings that can weather surfaces and environments with high temperature.


Intertherm® 891

- Light reflective, high temperature resistant (up to 240 degrees Celsius) primer/finish.

Intertherm® 50

- Light reflective, high temperature (up to 540 degrees Celsius)resistant coating


High efficiency solutions

Our interstores range is designed for easy brush and roller application, supported by superb supply services.


Interstores Alkyd Primer

- Fast drying one pack multipurpose alkyd primer

Interstores Alkyd Finish

- Easy to apply, one pack glossy alkyd cosmetic finish

Interstores Epoxy Primer

- Fast drying two pack epoxy primer/finish

Interstores Polyurethane Finish

- Durable two pack glossy polyurethane cosmetic finish

Note: The Interstores range is available in limited colors.

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