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AkzoNobel’s cargo tank coating wins ICIS Innovation Awards

October 16, 2017
AkzoNobel scooped two prestigious honors at the recent ICIS Innovation Awards for the Interline 9001 ultra-performance cargo tank coating supplied through its International brand.

AkzoNobel supports Vine Trust medical ship set to transform thousands of lives

August 10, 2017
People living in remote and isolated Amazonian communities will now have access to primary healthcare, thanks to the support of a medical ship operated by Vine Trust and restored using coatings from AkzoNobel.

AkzoNobel extends popular Interstores® marine coatings product range

July 04, 2017
Ship owners and operators can now enjoy a new level of flexibility and expand the options available for cost-effective onboard maintenance following the launch of a new multi-purpose one pack primer

AkzoNobel releases Intertrac Vision Lite, introducing Intertrac Vision to Wider Audience

June 21, 2017
A wider set of customers can embark on a ‘Digital Voyage’ – a new customer experience with AkzoNobel’s Intertrac Vision Lite. The new iPad App offers a lite version of Intertrac Vision, AkzoNobel’s big data hull performance prediction tool.

AkzoNobel completes expansion of coatings research facility in Houston

June 08, 2017
AkzoNobel has completed the €2.6 million ($3.5 million) expansion of its US research and development facilities in Houston, Texas.

Marine customers to embark on AkzoNobel's 'Digital Voyage' at Nor-Shipping

May 30, 2017
Ship owners and operators at Nor-Shipping, a leading maritime event taking place in Oslo, are set to embark on AkzoNobel’s ‘Digital Voyage’.

Safety enhancing drone earns innovation award from AkzoNobel partnership

May 18, 2017
A drone developed to improve maritime safety has earned an innovation award for a partnership comprising AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings Business, the supplier of International® coatings

AkzoNobel launches new marine coatings app to improve user experience

May 08, 2017
Marine coatings customers will now enjoy anytime, anywhere access to data most critical to them, with the launch of AkzoNobel Marine Coatings’ International mobile app.

1000 vessels already protected with AkzoNobel’s sustainable coatings

April 13, 2017
AkzoNobel’s ongoing efforts to make shipping more sustainable reached another landmark recently with the 1,000th application of Intersleek 1100SR, the biocide-free fouling control coating, part of the International® range.

Maersk Line partners with AkzoNobel to drive sustainability

March 29, 2017
AkzoNobel and leading global container shipping company Maersk Line have signed a strategic sustainability partnership to reduce carbon emissions per container shipped by 10%.

$3bln of fuel and 32mln tons of C02 saved as AkzoNobel marks Intersleek's 21st Anniversary

March 21, 2017
Ship owners and operators using the Intersleek® range of biocide-free marine coatings supplied by AkzoNobel have achieved fuel savings worth a combined total of $3 billion* since the technology was first introduced 21 years ago.

AkzoNobel launches new shipping industry engagement programme to support widespread adoption of ISO 19030

March 01, 2017
AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings Business, the supplier of International® coatings, has today announced the launch of a new shipping industry engagement programme to support the widespread and successful adoption of ISO 19030.

AkzoNobel partners with Barrier Group and DroneOps to develop drone technology for remote ballast water tank inspection

February 01, 2017
A new collaboration to develop a drone capable of remotely inspecting ballast water tanks and offshore wind farms, significantly improving accuracy, efficiencies, as well as the health and safety of ships’ crews and inspection personnel.

AkzoNobel reaffirms market leadership with 20,000 applications of its cost and efficiency saving primer Intershield 300

November 30, 2016
AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings Business, the supplier of International® coatings, is celebrating its 20,000th application of Intershield® 300, its highest performing anticorrosive universal primer.

AkzoNobel and Tessella win leading IT award with Big Data and Analytics Project to cut CO2 emissions

November 29, 2016
A project by Tessella and AkzoNobel Marine Coatings to provide accurate and comprehensive fuel efficiency assessments of coatings for ship hulls, has won the Big Data and Analytics Project of the Year category at the 2016 UK IT Industry Awards, the benchmark for outstanding performance in the UK computing industry.

AkzoNobel awards shipping industry's largest ever number of carbon credits to Grimaldi Group

October 27, 2016
Leading global logistics company Grimaldi Group has received the largest number of carbon credits to have been issued through a landmark initiative developed by AkzoNobel’s marine coatings business, the supplier of International® coatings.

Iconic steamship being restores to its former glory with help from AkzoNobel

September 13, 2016
Restoration work has started on an iconic steamship regarded as the vanguard of 1930s Scottish engineering. TS Queen Mary is being transformed into one of the UK’s largest interactive maritime exhibits with help from AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business.

Sustainable shipping moves step closer with launch of AkzoNobel’s biocide-free fouling control coating

September 07, 2016
Switching to more sustainable shipping has been made easier for ship owners and operators following the launch of Intersleek 1000, a new biocide-free fouling control coating developed by AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business.

AkzoNobel to use ISO 19030 compliant data analysis to validate and verify hull coating performance predictions from Intertrac Vision

July 27, 2016
AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business has today outlined for the first time its full compliance with ISO 19030, the new standard for measuring hull and propeller performance.

AkzoNobel’s pioneering Carbon Credits methodology wins prestigious Seatrade Award

July 22, 2016
The Carbon Credits program adds to its growing list of accolades by winning yet another major industry award – three awards in less than two months

AkzoNobel's methodology for sustainable ship owners wins major environmental award

June 23, 2016
AkzoNobel’s pioneering methodology for rewarding ship owners who use sustainable hull coatings has been named Environmental Leader Product of the Year for 2016.

AkzoNobel makes first award of Carbon Credits to Greek ship owner Neda Maritime

May 11, 2016
Neda Maritime Agency Co Ltd, a leading Greek tanker and bulker owner, has become the world’s first ship owner to be awarded carbon credits through landmark methodology developed by AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business.

AkzoNobel supports efficient on-board maintenance with new anticorrosive primer Intershield® One-2-One

April 20, 2016
AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business has launched a best-in-class anticorrosive universal primer, Intershield® One-2-One, which delivers simplified maintenance, waste avoidance and enhanced corrosion protection.

Ship industry to benefit from Intercept® 8500 LPP, AkzoNobel’s revolutionary antifouling

March 23, 2016
Ship owners and operators can now benefit from improvements in operational, cost and environmental efficiencies thanks to the latest antifouling developed by AkzoNobel, which is set to revolutionize the biocidal coatings market.

AkzoNobel launches latest version of Intertrac Vision incorporating cruise vessels

March 11, 2016
AkzoNobel’s marine coatings business announces the addition of cruise vessels to Intertrac Vision, its ‘big data’ tool that provides accurate and transparent predictions on the fuel and CO2 savings potential of fouling control coatings.

AkzoNobel announces first issue of carbon credits from Intersleek technology

February 25, 2016

AkzoNobel has announced the issue of more than 126,000 carbon credits worth more than $500,000 – the first to be awarded under the company’s landmark scheme for the shipping industry.


AkzoNobel and Marlins deliver onboard marine coating new e-learning course ‘Painting and Surfaces’

February 02, 2016
AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business and Marlins, the leading brand in Maritime English and technical e-learning solutions for the shipping, cruise and offshore industries, have launched a global training solution.

Medical ship receives aid from AkzoNobel

December 04, 2015
We supplied our high performance Intersleek hull coating to volunteer group Youth With a Mission (YWAM), who operate the ship. The system offers the added benefit of helping to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by an average of 9 percent.

AkzoNobel’s slime-busting coating wins prestigious innovation award

October 20, 2015
A biocide-free anti-slime coating developed by AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business – which helps to save fuel and cut emissions – has been named overall winner of the prestigious ICIS Innovation Awards for 2015.

AkzoNobel launches Intertrac Vision, the shipping industry’s first consultancy tool to predict the impact of fouling control coatings on ship efficiency

October 15, 2015
Intertrac Vision provides an instant assessment of ROI from the comparison of fouling control coatings prior to application. Advanced science enables a bespoke consultative approach for hull coating selection.

Intershield® 7100LWT receives US Navy Approval

October 12, 2015
Intershield® 7100LWT, part of AkzoNobel’s International® line of marine coatings products, has received U.S. Navy approval to Military Specification MIL-PRF-3135 Type III Class 2, Grade B.

AkzoNobel’s Intersleek® and Carbon Credits methodology feature in the UK Chamber of Shipping’s ‘A Maritime Nation’

September 09, 2015
Commissioned by the UK Chamber of Shipping and produced by ITN Productions, A Maritime Nation is an online news programme that will investigate the global issues facing the shipping industry, the UK’s heritage and standing.

AkzoNobel’s carbon credits methodology wins environmental award

July 09, 2015
AkzoNobel’s landmark carbon credits methodology for the shipping industry has won the Best Offsetting Project award in the 2015 Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings.

Spanish ferry operator enrolls in AkzoNobel carbon credits program

April 24, 2015
Leading Spanish ferry operator Baleària has signed up to AkzoNobel’s landmark carbon credits program

Interline®9001 application progresses on major chemical carrier Newbuildings with Navig8

March 05, 2015
Leading ship owner Navig8, is progressing application of Interline®9001, an advanced cargo tank coating from AkzoNobel’s International® marine coating product range, on a series of 18 chemical tankers currently under construction in South Korea.

AkzoNobel details financial benefits of carbon credits methodology.

October 30, 2014
Two ship owners are due to be awarded a combined total of almost $500,000 when the first claims resulting from a new carbon credits methodology developed by AkzoNobel and The Gold Standard Foundation are finalized next year.

Intersleek®1100SR receives industry-wide recognition

May 27, 2014
AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business, International®, is celebrating the success of its Intersleek®1100SR technology following a series of nominations and award wins from RINA, Seatrade and Riviera Maritime.

First ever carbon credit methodology developed for international shipping approved by The Gold Standard

April 29, 2014
Announcing the first ever carbon credit methodology developed for international shipping approved by The Gold Standard. This new approach drives uptake of foul release eco-efficiency technologies and provides revenue from carbon reductions.

Intersleek®1100SR fouling control system wins Clean Shipping category at 2014 Seatrade awards

April 15, 2014
AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business, the supplier of International® advanced hull coatings, has received the Clean Shipping award at the 2014 Seatrade Awards.

Pioneering Intertrac software enables tailoring of advanced International® hull coatings to specific vessel operations

April 03, 2014
AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business, has developed Intertrac, the shipping industry’s first, patented applied for software system that enables ship owners and operators to accurately assess and predict the risk of hull fouling dependent on the route their vessels are transiting.

87% of shipping industry wants a common standardised methodology to measure fuel consumption

February 17, 2014
Independent UCL study commissioned by International Paint reveals true impact of clean technology and key role that a standard measurement methodology can play.

International Paint sees Significant Uptake in New Fouling Control Technologies as Shipowners Invest in Sustainability and Innovation

September 05, 2013
International Paint announced today that its two latest hull-coating technologies - Intercept®8000 LPP and Intersleek®1100SR - have already made a significant impact on the market within months of their launch in March.

International Paint Unveils Global Marine Coatings Headquarters in Singapore

February 27, 2013
International Paint, part of AkzoNobel, the world’s largest paints and coatings company, today officially opened its new global Marine Coatings headquarters in Singapore.

International Paint Launches Two New, Patented, Revolutionary Fouling Control Technologies

February 27, 2013
International Paint has announced at a press conference in London, a sea-change in hull performance with the launch of two new coatings solutions -  Intercept®8000 LPP and Intersleek®1100SR.

10 out of 10 for Hapag-Lloyd and International Paint

October 25, 2012
Hapag-Lloyd has again chosen coatings from International Paint, this time for the ‘Hamburg Express’, the first of a new class of 10 container ship newbuildings from Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea.

Independent standard key to validating clean technology fuel savings

October 2012

A standard independent methodology will curb growing scepticism and confusion surrounding the widely varying fuel savings claims from clean technology providers

International Paint‘s Marine Coatings Business Embraces Social Media

July 20, 2012
International Paint’s Marine Coatings business is bringing more than a century of expertise to new audiences as well as enhancing its engagement with customers and stakeholders after significantly expanding its online presence.

Customers respond positively to IP BMT initiative

June 11, 2012
Following the recent announcement of a strategic partnership between International Paint and BMT ARGOSS, the two companies have been apprising their customers and clients of the potential benefits of the BMT SMARTSERVICES system.

Intershield®300 - Stunning Performance from an Industry Legend

May 04, 2012
International Paint Ltd. is proud to announce it has achieved full type approval and proven in service performance for the outstanding anticorrosive coating Intershield®300.

Proven 15 year tank protection...Intershield®300 leads the way

February 27, 2012
Intershield®300 continues to prove its outstanding durability in service, remaining in excellent condition after 15 years in the cargo oil tanks of the ‘Samco Raven’.

IP products pass all the tests...

January 31, 2012
International Paint is pleased to announce that its principal anticorrosive primers and shop primers have successfully passed the very demanding IMO PSPC COT laboratory tests in accordance with the IMO MSC.288 (87) SOLAS regulations for cargo oil tankers.

The best of both worlds and an industry first...

January 26, 2012
International Paint has introduced Intersmooth®7465Si SPC and Interswift®6900Si silyl acrylate antifouling coatings and is the first and only global manufacturer to offer both copper acrylate and silyl acrylate antifouling coatings.

BMT ARGOSS and International Paint partner to deliver measurable hull coatings performance

October 25, 2011
BMT ARGOSS and International Paint have announced the formation of a partnership that can deliver demonstrable and transparent improvements in performance, efficiency and environmental emissions for the global shipping fleet.

Latest Cargo Hold Coating Improves Customer Choice

June 06, 2011
International Paint has introduced Intergard®7020, a new dedicated cargo hold coating for all bulk carrier types.

Cunard Confirms Efficiency Improvements with Intersleek 900

May 24, 2011
Cunard, the famous brand operated by Carnival UK, has confirmed significant savings on its flagship liner Queen Mary 2 since converting to International Paint’s fluoropolymer foul release coating Intersleek®900 in November 2008.

A Smarter Solution - Innovative New Coatings Technology for Chemical Tankers

March 30, 2011
International Paint has introduced Interline 9001, a new Bimodal Epoxy coating for the cargo tanks of chemical tankers.

Reduced Environmental Impact and Costs for Norwegian Cruise Line

March 22, 2011
Norwegian Cruise Line, based in Miami, is one of the most innovative companies operating in the cruise industry.

Surging Commodity Prices Drive up Coating Costs

February 21, 2011
International Paint Ltd. is set to initiate product price rises in response to spiraling global raw material costs.

Intersleek 900 emissions reductions confirmed by leading academics report

February 17, 2011
A report from one of the shipping industry's leading research bodies, Professor James Corbett's Energy and Environmental Research Associates, has proven that Intersleek 900 can reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) and other emissions by an average of 9%.

Intershield durability confirmed at bulker’s third survey

November 23, 2010
The high performance and durability of International Paint’s anticorrosive coating Intershield 300 has been proven at the third special survey of the panamax bulk carrier m.v. Eleranta.

Tanker operator slashes fuel bill, cuts emissions

November 17, 2010
National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (NSCSA) has achieved dramatic fuel savings and emissions cuts since adopting Intersleek coatings technology on the hulls of eight VLCCs

New products enhance antifouling range

September 29, 2010
International Paint has improved and expanded its range of antifouling coatings. The enhanced line up includes higher volume solids products, meaning reduced coats per scheme, lower levels of overspray and reduced VOC emissions.

Eco Efficiency White paper

September 06, 2010
Find out how new decision-making tool, developed by International Paint, has been designed to assist ship operators by comparing both economic and environmental costs and benefits.

Intersleek 7180 - A simpler way to a smoother hull

September 01, 2010
With increasing fuel costs and a focus on emissions, ship operators are increasingly seeking quick, simple and cost effective solutions to improve operating efficiency.

Introducing our toughest ever cargo hold coating

May 06, 2010
International Paint Ltd. is introducing Intershield 803Plus, a new cargo hold coating specifically designed to address the key issue of impact damage from the loading of dry bulk cargoes.

New Universal Primer range meets all requirements

January 19, 2010
A new range of universal primers for the newbuilding market is being introduced to address the productivity, regulatory, performance and commercial needs of shipyards and ship owners alike - wherever they are.

International Paint’s products for latest US Navy addition

November 20, 2009
The US Navy's latest amphibious assault ship USS New York (LPD-21), commissioned in New York on November 7th 2009, is a ship with a difference.

International Paint Parent signs Copenhagen Communiqué

November 16, 2009
AkzoNobel Chief Executive Hans Wijers recently threw his weight behind 'The Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change' by adding his name to those of hundreds of other global business leaders...

International Paint featured in new Discovery Channel series

October 21, 2009
We’d like to bring to your attention a television programme currently airing on the Discovery Channel which we believe offers a very positive view on the marine community in general and the work we do at International Paint.

Lloyd’s List Global Award for Intersleek® 900

September 11, 2009
International Paint Ltd. are proud to announce that the revolutionary, fluoropolymer foul release coating, Intersleek 900 has won a prestigious Lloyd's List Global Award in the Clean Seas Category 2009.

Intersleek® 900 for U.K. Navy’s Flagship

September 07, 2009
The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has returned to International Paint for more of the latest fuel saving technology, Intersleek 900, for the hull of the UK Navy’s flagship 'HMS Ark Royal'.

PSPC Initiative Completes 100th Gap Analysis

July 06, 2009
Just two years after completing the first PSPC gap analysis in a Chinese shipyard, Lloyd’s Register and International Paint are proud to announce the completion of the 100th analysis in STX France Cruise SA, Saint-Nazaire.

International Paint to open new Singapore Laboratory

July 06, 2009
International Paint's on going programme of investment in R&D continues with the building of a new, worldwide product development laboratory in Singapore.

Intersleek® in 9% Mercator Lines improvement

June 08, 2009
Mumbai-based Mercator Lines Limited continues to see the benefits of using International Paint’s fluoropolymer foul release coating, Intersleek 900, on two of their Aframax vessels, the 'Prem Pride' and 'Prem Divya'.

Inco Ships get free ride with Intersleek® 900

June 08, 2009
Sydney based Inco Ships Pty Ltd. were the very first company to apply the revolutionary, fluoropolymer foul release coating, Intersleek 900 to their vessel 'Ikuna' during a routine maintenance drydocking in March 2006 at Singapore’s Sembawang shipyard.

Intersleek® 900 improves Queen Mary 2 performance

April 16, 2009
Cunard Line, having chosen the fluoropolymer foul release coating Intersleek 900 for the underwater hull of the transatlantic ocean liner Queen Mary 2, have experienced positive performance results.

100K Euro Intersleek Savings Drives GNV Fleet Conversion

March 30, 2009
Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV), one of the leading cruise ferries operators in the Mediterranean has converted all vessels at maintenance and repair dry docking to the biocide free, foul release system, Intersleek.

Wightlink FastCats Get Faster with Intersleek 900

February 17, 2009
Wightlink Ltd, a UK-based ferry company, has firmly adopted International Paint's revolutionary foul-release coating system, Intersleek 900, a unique, patented fluoropolymer foul-release coating.

IP Germany awarded Meyer Werft Partner of the Year

February 09, 2009
IP Germany (International Farbenwerke GmbH) has been named 'Shipbuilding Partner of the Year 2008' by Meyer Werft Papenburg.

Only the Best for Fantasia

January 08, 2009
A ringing endorsement of Intersleek 900 benefits comes from Italian cruise line MSC Cruises.

International Wins Environmental Award

January 07, 2009
Intersleek 900 has won the 'Environmental Initiative' category of the Seatrade Insider Cruise Awards 2008, presented at the Seatrade Med exhibition on December 10th. It was recognized for its environmental benefits for cruise operators.

Proven savings with Intersleek® 900 - Indian tanker company coats second Aframax

August 06, 2008
A second Aframax tanker belonging to Mumbai-based Mercator Lines, the 105,000 dwt 'Prem Divya', has been coated with International Paint’s foul release coating, Intersleek 900.

Award of 1st Lloyd’s Register IMO PSPC type approval certificate

February 01, 2008
International Paint Ltd. is proud to announce that the first Lloyd’s Register IMO PSPC (Performance Standard for Protective Coatings) Type Approval Certificate has been awarded to Intershield 300.

MSC Cruises and Aker Yards, France complete world’s first cruise ship newbuilding with Intersleek® 900

January 30, 2008
MSC Cruises, Italy’s largest styled cruise company and one of the biggest cruise ship operators in Europe is the world’s first company to apply the revolutionary, biocide free, foul release coatings system Intersleek 900 on a cruise ship newbuilding.

Carnival Cruise Lines uses Intersleek® 900 to further enhance fleet operational efficiency

January 30, 2008
International Paint Ltd has successfully completed a hull coating project on the 'Carnival Victory', owned and operated by Carnival Cruise Lines.

Lord Lieutenant presents Queen's Award

July 30, 2007
The Queen's Award was formally presented to International Paint on the 24th July 2007 by Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of Tyne and Wear, Mr. Nigel Sherlock DL FRSA.

Lloyds Register and International Paint Join Forces to Support Shipyards in China

May 29, 2007
Lloyd’s Register and International Paint have teamed up to offer shipyards in China step-by-step advice on how to prepare to meet the requirements of the new Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC).

IP News Special Edition - Intersleek 900

May 29, 2007
In this special edition of IP News we focus on Intersleek 900 key launch events, track record and the key features and benefits.

Queen's Award - Local

April 23, 2007
Felling based coatings manufacturer International Paint is pleased to announce that the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category 2007 has been won by our Marine and Protective Coatings Business Unit.

Queen's Award - Global

April 23, 2007
International Paint is pleased to announce that the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category 2007 has been won by our Marine and Protective Coatings Business Unit.

New Intersleek 900

February 27, 2007
Setting even higher performance standards with improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, Intersleek 900 is a unique patented fluoropolymer foul release coating which represents the very latest advances in fouling control technology.

IP News No 14

January 01, 2007
This newsletter includes details on the Amended Performance Standard for Protective Coatings, Hanjin Shippings Adoption of Intersleek 700, First IPJ Secured Vessel from Kanrei Shipbuilding, In Service Performance and New Applications.
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