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International® - Protecting over half of the global LNG fleet

For over 30 years we have delivered high performance coatings systems to the LNG carrier industry helping you to maximise your return on investment whilst ensuring long term vessel safety, operating image, efficiency and preservation of asset value.

We’re recognised as your first choice because our dedicated LNG project support teams are always available, worldwide, working with you to fully understand your building, drydock and on board maintenance needs.

And now with increasing fuel costs, enhanced regulatory activity enforcing tighter controls including emissions, operational efficiency and invasive species, we continue to support the LNGc industry with innovative coatings solutions and guidance. Our experts explain more here >>.

In service performance

Our renowned brands, synonomous with performance, include Intersleek® and Intersmooth® SPC fouling control solutions to keep your hull clean and smooth, Intershield® corrosion and abrasion resistant coatings to keep your vessel at sea for longer, and Interfine® cosmetic finishes for outstanding durability.

Foul release technology

Applied to 30% of the global LNG fleet and with an impressive track record spanning over 10 years, Intersleek® biocide free foul release systems can provide clean hulls for up to 90 months by providing a smooth, low friction surface onto which fouling organisms have difficulty attaching.

Intersleek®900 offers proven fuel savings of up to 9%* and corresponding reductions in greenhouse gases.

With extended in-service periods, operational efficiencies can be achieved through reduced lifetime paint consumption, treatment and disposal costs of wash water and blasting abrasive.

*Depending on application and in-service conditions.

Biocidal antifoulings

Our biocidal antifouling range continues to evolve to offer LNG operators fouling control solutions to meet your operational requirements.

Intersmooth® SPC with over 270 applications on LNG carriers, is a high performance, low friction and low VOC self polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling with patented, copper acrylate technology, offering fouling control for up to 90 months.

Long term anticorrosive protection

With an expected lifetime of 40 years, long term corrosion protection is paramount for LNG's. Intershield®300 is the industry benchmark in proven anticorrosive performance, delivering first rate corrosion protection with IMO PSPC compliance.

That’s why 60% of the world’s LNG carriers are protected with Intershield®300.

Abrasion resistant hull coatings for ice-going LNGs

With 22% of the worlds un-recovered carbon reserves located in the arctic, operational requirements of ice-going LNGs need to adapt to the challenge of this environment.

Intershield®163 Inerta 160 is especially designed for ships trading in temperatures down to -50°C. Its abrasion resistance and low frictional resistance can help reduce vessel power consumption and fuel consumption.

Cosmetic finishes to keep your LNG looking good

Image is important. The appearance of the topsides can reflect the condition and general standard of vessel maintenance.

By applying Interfine®878 acrylic polysiloxane, you can keep your vessel looking good for longer.

With outstanding, gloss and colour retention, Interfine®878 provides long term durability. It’s isocyanate free and has high volume solids to reduce your VOC profile.

Worldwide support network

With dedicated LNG support teams around the globe, from new construction to delivery and through life, you can be sure your LNG is in safe hands with International®.

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