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LNG experts explain more

Industry and product experts explain how the right coatings can help to provide long term asset protection for your LNG carrier.

Getting it right first time

"One of the most important issues to ensure the longevity of an LNG carrier is the maintenance of the hull structure.

The key message is 'get it right first time'."

Bill Wayne, General Manager, SIGTTO

Long term asset protection

"We've been trusted to protect LNG carriers for over 30 years and keeping them operating safely, efficiently and looking good.

Failure to apply the right level of protection can add a significant risk to the vessel's structural integrity and incur additional costs to the LNG owners and operators across the vessel lifetime."

Barry Robison - Market Manager

Fouling Control

Foul Release

"With a proven 10 year track record and applications equating to over 30% of the current global LNG fleet, Intersleek® is a firm favourite in fouling control for LNG operators."

Trevor Solomon - Senior Product Manager

Biocidal Antifoulings

"A cost effective alternative to foul release coatings, biocidal antifoulings may be more suitable under specific trading routes, drydock frequency and fouling challenges."

Rachel Maccoy - Product Manager

Abrasion and Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion Protection

"LNG operators expect long term asset protection. That’s why 60% of the world’s LNG carriers are protected with Intershield®300."

Gina Mercier - Product Manager

Ice-Going LNG Carriers

Operating in ice presents a range of challenges for LNG carriers. The first point of contact between ice and a hull is the paint, and the correct ice class coating can provide a multifunctional barrier.

Rob Taylor - Market Manager
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