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Fuel costs are still the biggest single operating cost for all major ship types and with impending legislation driving the use of higher price 'clean fuels' in Emission Control Areas the cost of operating vessels will at least remain high. Controlling these costs and the related emissions remains an important consideration for ship operators.

With uncertain fuel costs, and increasing legislation, the shipping industry is quite rightly focusing on energy and emission savings.


Intertrac®Vision, the shipping industry's first enhanced consultancy tool providing ship operators with predictions on the fuel and CO2 saving potential of fouling


  • Make informed decisions on coating choice and investment
  • Immediate visibility of predicted return on investment (ROI)

Intro SpeechIntertrac®Vision allows ship owners to explore performance prediction uncertainties, enabling them to make more informed decisionsEnd Speech

Intertrac®Vision is a software package that predicts hull performance.

Highly trained Intertrac®Vision consultants can advise Owners on multiple coating and application scenarios to allow informed decisions about the maintenance and future profitability of their assets. This is a free, no obligation consultation service.

The predictions are bespoke to specific vessels and are entirely dependent on vessel type, trading route, speed and activity. The software is designed to be informative and transparent. There are built-in opportunities to offer full explanations of what the tool is using and why. Transparency is the key to instilling confidence in the science behind the tool.

With options to influence all the major investment decisions such as preparation levels, coatings choice, scheme selection and even days in dry dock, Intertrac®Vision will allow Owners to see the financial and performance benefit of available options before they make important investment decisions.

Key features

  • Transparency and choice for product selection
  • All fouling control technologies and application scenarios covered
  • Individual vessel parameters and detailed explanations throughout
  • In-built schemes and scheme cost calculator
  • Return on investment calculation per year
  • Carbon credits calculation option
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How has this been achieved?

Utilizing internal expertise, external academics and specialist institutions, our combined research has led to the development of revolutionary algorithms or software models.

These models consider the effects of a number of key parameters on vessel performance such as; Average Hull Roughness, Coatings Roughness, Biological risk and Fouling Control product performance.

By combining these models, using Computational Fluid Dynamics, we have been able to relate surface roughness and power requirement for all vessel speeds.

Your Intertrac®Vision consultants

Wherever you're based we have highly trained Intertrac®Vision consultants ready to advise and assist. Navigate the regions below and select your nearest consultant to get in touch.

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