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Without excellent coating protection, the structural integrity of cargo holds can be compromised, jeopardising continuing vessel profitability and safe operation.

Selecting the correct coating is critical to minimise impact and gouging damage caused by the loading and carriage of dry cargoes.

Introducing Intershield®803Plus...our toughest ever cargo hold coating.

Intershield 803Plus - Protect

Protect against impact of high speed belt conveyor loading.

Intershield®803Plus has been specifically designed to withstand the impacts of modern high speed belt conveyors, frequently used at loading.

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Intershield 803Plus - Prevent

Prevent damage caused by abrasive action of hard cargoes.

Abrasion by hard, angular cargoes such as coal and iron ore is minimised by the excellent physical and mechanical properties of Intershield®803Plus.

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Intershield 803Plus - Preserve

Preserve structural integrity of your cargo holds.

Intershield®803Plus provides excellent anticorrosive performance, protecting the vessel's structural integrity and helping to ensure compliance with legislation.

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Intershield 803Plus - Profit

Profit from less downtime and extended in service life.

Intershield®803Plus can reduce the downtime and expense associated with drydocking, blasting, recoating and steel replacement. Rapid curing properties also ensure the earliest possible return to service, following application.

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Offering the very best in protection against "shooting"
damage caused by high speed belt conveyor loading.
Ensuring vessel integrity and extended service life.

About our Cargo Hold Coatings Range

We have a range of cargo hold coatings with products to meet your individual requirements.


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