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Trusted protection
for a lifetime at sea.

Intershield®300 is our highest performing anticorrosive universal primer, offering 15 years proven asset protection, control of through life maintenance costs and enhanced vessel earning potential.

Intershield®300’s light coloured, aluminium pure epoxy formulation provides the perfect blend of abrasion resistance and corrosion protection, maximising operating efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

The high performance and durability of Intershield®300 was proven at the third special survey of the Panamax bulk carrier m.v. 'Eleranta'.

The cleaning of the areas to reveal the true nature of the coatings beneath is impressive.

Superintendent, m.v. Eleranta
VShips(UK) Ltd.


Increased shipyard productivity

At newbuilding block stage, different primers are often specified for different areas. Used as a universal primer, Intershield®300 eliminates this complexity.

Applied to all block sections, Intershield®300 replaces several products with a single product, simplifying application whilst reducing costs and waste.

In addition, its low temperature cure and flexible overcoating intervals allow year-round application and improve shipyard productivity throughout the coating process.

As Intershield®300 is applicable over prepared shop primers there are no additional surface preparation or application costs incurred.


Intershield®300 - past, present and future

We want to provide unbeatable long-term asset protection, but we also aim to provide products that give first-class performance in all possible conditions.

Aidan Mernin, Worldwide Marine Technical Manager, reflects on Intershield®300’s enduring success.

Although Intershield®300 was introduced to the market more than two decades ago, it still exceeds the minimum requirements of the IMO’s Performance Standards for Protective Coatings (PSPC), even as it was originally formulated.


20,000 vessels and counting...

Since its introduction in 1988, Intershield®300 has successfully provided outstanding corrosion protection on over 20,000 vessels at newbuilding and maintenance and repair.

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IMO PSPC COT: Intershield® proves 15 years is possible

After 15 years in service the coating is in very good condition…in fact, better than good.
François Rascle,
Superintendent, Samco Raven,
V.Ships France SAS

Samco Raven soars with Intershield®300

Intershield®300 continues to prove its durability, remaining in outstanding condition after 15 years in service in the cargo oil tanks of the 'Samco Raven'.

Built in 1996, the tanktops and deckheads of crude oil tanker the Samco Raven have been protected with Intershield®300 for over 15 years, needing minimal repair – Intershield®300 is set to continue protecting the cargo oil tanks for many years to come.

This is the second vessel to demonstrate Intershield®300’s sound anticorrosive coating performance over 15 years, following the ballast tank inspection of the M/V 'Eleranta' in June 2010.

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What is PSPC and what does it mean for your business?

Water Ballast Tanks

Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for water ballast tanks - a standard designed to achieve a target coating lifetime of 15 years in dedicated seawater ballast tanks and double side-skin spaces of bulk carriers. Find out more >

Cargo Oil Tanks

In addition, crude oil tanker owners face a new set of SOLAS regulations which are designed to ensure the longevity of cargo oil tanks. Find out more >


Same performance, lower VOC...

NEW Intershield®300HS

Developed to help both owners and shipyards comply with local VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions regulations, Intershield®300HS is a breakthrough, low VOC, high solids formulation which delivers the same outstanding performance the shipping industry has come to expect from Intershield®300.

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