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Foul Release


Silicone elastomer foul release coatings provide an ultra smooth, slippery, hydrophobic surface and are chemically durable. There is no film degradation, polishing or other chemical change, so extended drydocking intervals are possible.

Above: Molecular structure of silicone elastomer

The smooth surface means fouling organisms are typically unable to attach, or have difficulty settling onto the surface.

Intersleek®700 is our silicone foul release coating, comprising a scheme of products:

Intersleek®757 - a three-pack, silicone elastomer foul release coating.

Intersleek®737 - a three-pack, silicone elastomer tie coat.

Intershield®300 - A light coloured, abrasion resistant, aluminium pure epoxy coating giving excellent long term anticorrosive protection and low temperature application capability.

Certain SPC antifoulings may be overcoated with the Intersleek®700 system by applying the two-pack foul release system linkcoat Intersleek®717. Other SPC antifoulings may be overcoated with Intersleek®700 system by applying Intersleek®7180 linkcoat.

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